Do you own and run a WordPress website? Are you diligent to look at your website soaring high in the web search results?

If you do so, we have here some very special and quickly applicable tips and techniques to rocket boost your website rankings.

WordPress and Search Engine Optimization!

Whether you have WordPress quite close to your heart or you are starting to get through its beauty, it is definite that WordPress, along with content is great for SEO.

We all who deal in websites and digital marketing gigs should know that the Tech Behemoth Google releases an update in every short while which includes the recent one – June 2019 Core Algorithm Update.

This update has been rolled out in the beginning weeks and has started impacting many websites’ rankings.

Moreover, when Google refreshes and releases new updates on its algorithms, it is least we can do to “fix” our rankings but to improve our content and website.

Thus, here we come up with the top three important and helpful tips about WordPress SEO to help you keep soaring high in the skies of the search results.

Tip #1. Understand the bond of content and keywords

Well, to get higher ranking on the search engines, you throng up your content with keywords as many as you can find.

Google caught you here and now it no more ranks the websites with a bulky content that is overwhelmed with all sorts of keywords.

However, keywords are still not bygone from the algorithm leaving you a chance to improve and understand how to bond content and the keywords in a compelling way.

Google helps you to get onto this game with one of its tools – Google Adwords Keyword Planner which helps you to find the famous keywords in the respective topic and alternates that to mix up nicely in your content copy.

Compel your content with the utmost quality, not just for the sake of getting a higher rank but add up value to your content.

The content seekers on the web are looking for value addition to their knowledge, so the more value you add, the more traffic you attract on the web.

Content is the King of SEO marketing. Every King has a unique quality through which they thrive. Instill people with an inimitable value from your website and let them bring more happy customers.

Tip #2. Make complete use of the toolkit that WordPress offers

WordPress has remained and become more famous for the themes and plugins it offers to its users.

Every theme and plugin is the next step to taking your website to become Google’s favorite one to rank high.


There are several plugins in WordPress that are highly friendly to Search Engines. These in-built SEO plugins can help you rocket fly on Google.

Plugins such as Yoast SEO, Google XML Sitemaps, Google Analytics, W3 Total Cache and many others guide you powerful SEO tactics and help you analyze the progress of your website rankings.

WordPress has an All in one SEO pack for the plugins to be used to your website for better and better results.

Plugins here, allow you to optimize your website with the help of the features such as:

  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics support
  • Auto-generation of Meta-tags
  • Optimization of the titles
  • Avoid clichéd content


A theme is called an SEO friendly theme when it offers neat and valid HTML structure as it not only boosts the design of your website in terms of quality but optimization as well.

If the theme offers you the feature of canonical URL meta tag, go for that one as it possesses the qualities to store your domain name of the home page and the URL of the post.

There are themes in WordPress toolkit that support you with social media sharing for higher traffic having integration of Open Graph meta tag.

Tip #3. Make your site small-screen (Mobile) friendly and optimize its load speed

We all know now, with the increased use of mobile phones, the websites designed as responsive to different screens are highly preferred by the search engines to rank.

We can see Google has already introduced “mobile-friendly” labels in the search results which means that users get to know if the website that they visit is mobile friendly or not and they can decide on visiting next time.

This also means that a website non-responsive to different screens can get the last of the rankings in the search results that will take your business nowhere.

Moreover, if your website takes minutes to load, you are again lagging behind on the SEO.

Google optimizes the websites with the highest load speed on the top of the rankings which means you need to add enthralling graphics on your website, however, they should load faster than a blink of an eye.

Thus, keep it on the top of your parameters while designing to make your website highly responsive be it any platform and it should have a load time which is in microseconds if possible.

All that matters in the end is…

… you need to have an attractive website that acts as a complete sales powerhouse for your business.

All of us need to stay on our toes looking forward to the updates from Google and search engines which help us stay ahead in the game of SEO.

In this ever-evolving world of technology where the search engines come up with new algorithms every day, we need to walk in line adapting to new techniques to stay ahead in the game.

No Guru or specialist has yet been able to find any permanent fix for the SEO. They do have tips as per the updates and that is the only solution as you need to move forward with the changes and introduce something refreshing every time.

WordPress is known for its flexibility and reliability; thus, you must use it to its fullest and keep refreshing your WordPress SEO strategy according to the updates and any changes happening in your industry.

In a nutshell, this internet is an ocean of information, you need to choose to provide the divers with pearls or stones.

Thus, create and curate compelling content on your website and promote it with full horsepower.

Sourodip Biswas

Sourodip Biswas is a Digital Marketing Executive at Space-O Technologies, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. Being an adroit Digital Marketer, he focuses on the growth of businesses with thought-provoking ideas, apt strategies and has interests in regional variants of the English language like American English, British English, Canadian English, Australian English, and New Zealand English. Outside work, Sourodip is passionate about Video Gaming.

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