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OceanWP Pro Bundle

Sutable for all website types

Experience flexibility at its best

OceanWP Pro Bundle comes with additional features for those who want to complete, perfect & boost their website with impressive functionalities and options.

Strive for excellence and connect all dots. OceanWP Pro Bundle has the necessary tools to achieve your website goals.

Ocean Sticky header

Navigation at hands-reach

Make your website easy to navigate by displaying your header on scroll.

OceanWP Sticky Header features display

Ocean Elementor Widgets

Design better with Elementor

Add a stack of formidable, fully customizable, adjustable and editable widgets for Elementor and start building beautiful pages today.

Ocean Full Screen

Special scroll effect for Elementor pages

The most simplest way to add a full screen effect to Elementor pages you've ever seen. Let the sections take turn over the screen while your visitors scroll.

OceanWP Pro Bundle Full Screen features display

Ocean Gutenberg blocks

Enrich your everyday content

Gutenberg Block is perfect for those who seek simplicity in design or those who want to enrich their articles with special elements.

freepik logo
Flaticon logo dark png

OceanWP is now powered by
Freepik and Flaticon

Ocean Pro Demos

Templates for all your needs

Thanks to the Ocean Pro Demos feature, you never have to start a website or a page from scratch. Plus, there's a special feature available for those with advanced premium plans.

Brand new OceanWP Pro Bundle features for everyone

Connect all WordPress dots with OceanWP premium

Popup Builder

Generate more leads with the Popup Builder. Build custom popups with Elementor or Gutenberg, or simply edit native popup templates.

Custom Post Types

Add versatility to your website content. Go above and beyond standard blog posts with Custom Post Types magic and its customized configuration.

Pixel Tracker

Turn your website into a data gathering mastermind. See how visitors interact with your website to increase social media ad targeting.

New Full Site Templates

Jump start your creative process with brand new full website templates for Elementor. Completely editable and customizable.


Many thanks for your patient help, when the problem was fundamentally our own fault! I particularly appreciate how quickly you dealt with my queries.

Lynn Miles

OceanWP Pro user / HelpScout review


Best WordPress theme ever! Oceanwp theme: many options, still easy to use. Responsive and well performing WordPress theme. Great support!

janv01 (@janv01)

OceanWP user / review


Finally, a WordPress theme that has everything you need plus more but not complicated to find or use what you need.

I use for WooCommerce, blogging, Adsense and lead generation. Really recommend. Nice work team!

savvy2day (@savvy2day)

OceanWP user / review

Ocean Portfolio

Showcase your highlights

Display your portfolio, achievements or even products with our portfolio CPT.

Ocean Popup Login

The perfect login & registration form

Add an out of-the-box login, registration and password reset popup form anywhere on your website.

OceanWP White Label features display

Ocean White Label

Impress your clients

Impress your non-tech clients by white-labeling the backend of your OceanWP website.

Ocean Cookie Notice

A simple yet effective notification

Display a notification about cookies or any other content you want.

OceanWP Pro Bundle Cookie Notice features display
OceanWP Pro Bundle Side Panel features display

Ocean Side Panel

Valuable info display where you need it

Add a responsive off canvas sidebar to your website.


Love this free theme with free and premium extensions. It is very adaptable and multipurpose. There are so many templates/demos to help get you started. It has many customizable options including typography, menus, theme panels, headers/footers and many others.

Each page allows you to choose whether or not you want sidebars. It also lets you control margins. I usually have sidebars on blogs and not on regular pages.

Like that it is mobile responsive and WooCommerce integration.

soarweb (@soarweb)

OceanWP Pro user / review

OceanWP Pro Bundle Sticky Footer features display

Ocean Sticky footer

An app-like effect on your desktop

Stick your footer to the bottom of the screen for an app-like effect on the website's desktop version.

Ocean Instagram

Share eye-catching moments

Intrigue your site visitors and encourage them to follow you on social media by displaying your Instagram feed on your website.

OceanWP Pro Bundle Instagram features display

Ocean woo popup

Encourage shoppers & increase conversion

A magnificent feature for WooCommerce stores that displays a popup with Add to Cart button action.

Ocean Hooks

Codes and templates
across website

Display various content across your website without the use of a child theme.

OceanWP Pro Bundle Hooks features display
OceanWP Pro Bundle Footer Callout features display

Ocean Footer Callout

The perfect Call to Action

The most effective way to add a Call to Action to your website, just above the website footer area.


This theme really has it all.

I would would recommend anyone give it a try and you will see how functional it is with so many scenarios.

bumpsbi1 (@bumpsbi1)

OceanWP user / review

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Frequently asked questions

OceanWP Pro Bundle


What is the OceanWP Pro Bundle?

OceanWP Pro Bundle consists out of exceptional premium features that help boost your WordPress websites.

Some of the OceanWP Pro Bundle features include premium full site templates, Elementor section templates library, sticky header, portfolio and more.

OceanWP Pro Bundle is suitable for all websites types, including eCommerce sites.

However, if you're looking to build custom eCommerce sites with even more functionality that help increase sales, then consider using Ocean eCommerce Pro.

If I purchase the OceanWP Pro Bundle will I get all premium features?

If you purchase the OceanWP Pro Bundle you will get all the features displayed on this page and in accordance your OceanWP Pro Bundle plan.

Only the Ocean eComm Treasure Box addon for WooCommerce is not included in the OceanWP Pro Bundle. You can purchase it by choosing the suitable Ocean eCommerce Pro plan.

Clients with active OceanWP Pro Bundle licenses can apply for a loyalty discount and purchase the Ocean eCommerce Plan (or vice versa) using a 50% dedicated discount.

How does the OceanWP Pro Bundle function?

It's quite simply. Once you purchase the desired plan, you will receive all necessary emails with access to your premium account. When you log into your customer account, you can download the extensions included in the OceanWP Pro Bundle and then upload on your website.

Activate the extensions using the license key you received upon purchase.

At the moment, all features are available as individual extensions but our roadmap includes merging all features into a single powerful addon.

Likewise, aside from perhaps spending a few more moments on the installation, the number of extensions does not represent a hindrance (in spite of very inaccurate myths of unqualified WP content writers).

View this detailed doc on how to install and activate premium OceanWP extensions on your website

Why upgrade?

Why upgrade to OceanWP Pro Bundle, Ocean eCommerce Pro or both?

If you've personally witnessed what we can do for you for free, then you can only imagine what we can do for you with the premium versions.

Even better, you don't have to imagine at all. You can get a full test ride of OceanWP premium features and decide whether it's the perfect fit for you.

What we can tell you, and what all long-time premium users can confirm, is that we put your customer experience first.

This means, among other, that instead of investing in harsh marketing while trying to impress you, we'll rather invest in your experience:

• just like we're financing the usage of royalty-free images and icons through templates;

• just like we're offering you gift features such as the royalty-free images and icons;

• just like we're bringing in various professional and organizing free webinars and training sessions for you;

• above all, we continue investing in new features, as well as improving existing features, so that you're websites are always up to the challenge of modern-days requirements.

You are equally important to use at all times, just like you were the day you arrived:

• our promotions are always open to everyone, new and existing clients;

• pricing increase never affect existing clients due to price lock;

• pricing plan changes never affect existing clients unless they benefit from it - like we've upgraded everyone's license counts without changing their pricing;

• most importantly, our support services quality doesn't change and you can always count on us to be there for you.

In short, we're always searching for new ways to provide you with more: more features, more options, more benefits, more experience, more support. Nothing less.


Do you offer lifetime deals?

Yes, we offer lifetime deals for all our premium plans.

What does "pays for itself within 4 years" mean?

This means that the Lifetime deals are approx 4 times the annual license plan price.

If you purchase a lifetime deal instead of the annual one, after 4 years of using LTD you're practically saving money.

Will I have a subscription for the annual plan?

For all annual plans, subscriptions are automatically activated upon purchase.

This information is present: during the checkout, checkout confirmation and your purchase confirmation email.

However, you are in full control of your subscription plans and can cancel the subscription any time if you choose to do so.

What happens if I don't renew my annual plan?

If you cancel your subscription and don't renew your license, your existing projects will remain intact.

However, you will no longer be receiving customer support and updates for the extensions.

Likewise, you will no longer be able to download premium extensions from your account, nor activate old extension versions on a new website.

For full information, we recommend you check our document on License Renewal.

Can I request a refund?

If you're unhappy with the products you just purchased and your request is in accordance with our 14-days No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy, you can submit a refund request.

Can I upgrade my plan after I already purchased?

Of course!

And our team would be more than happy to share the best and most affordable solutions for you, so we recommend that you get in touch with us either by submitting a ticket or writing to us directly (our email is listed inside your purchase confirmation).


Will I receive dedicated client support?

Absolutely! For all clients (users with OceanWP premium plans) with active we offer the ticket (email) support system.

Will I receive Priority Support?

Some of our OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro plan include bonus benefits.

One of those benefits is a specific Priority Support membership type, which brings more advantages on top of the regular client support services.

Premium license owners whose plans include bonus Priority Support memberships, can apply for the OceanWP Bonus to activate their membership.

How can I submit a support ticket?

The fastest way to submit a ticket is to get in touch with us directly using the contact email you received in your purchase information. You must contact us using the same email you used to purchase the premium plan so that we can associate you with your account.

You can also submit a ticket for Customer Support using your customer account.


Can I use OceanWP Pro Bundle to build sites for clients?


Thanks to its flexibility, it will be extremely simple for you build websites fast, as well as to maintain your clients' websites.

As a result, you'll always have satisfied clients that recommend your services to everyone.

Do my clients need to get their own premium license?

Well, that's actually between you and your clients.

You can use your own OceanWP premium licenses to build and maintain websites for clients. Thanks to advanced license controls, you're able to obfuscate details about your license and account, making your information private and secure.

Likewise, you can activate license restriction on your account which then prevents for the license to be activated on any new URLs unless you approve this step by whitelisting the domain within your account.

However, if it's a one-time gig and your job is to only build a website for a client, the best option would be for your client to have their own premium license. You can still use this to your advantage, by registering for an OceanWP affiliate account and earn when the client completes a purchase using your link.


Will the license be activated on my website automatically?

In order to activate your license, you need to add at least one premium extension.

In this way, you will be activating premium features only on the websites where you want to use them.

Likewise, automatic premium first time installations and activations are strictly forbidden per WordPress rules.

View this doc on how to install and activate your OceanWP Pro Bundle license (video included).

Where do I insert my license key?

After installing and activating any of the premium extensions from your account, a field to enter your license key will appear.

Just copy the license key you received in the purchase confirmation email (or copy from your account), paste the license key and activate.

View this doc (and video) for a detailed guide on how to activate your OceanWP Pro Bundle extensions.

Can I use my license on localhost, test or staging?

Of course!

You can use the premium license on your localhost, test or staging website without affecting your actual license count, if the domain fulfills the necessary requirements.

Can I transfer my license key from one domain to another?


You can transfer the license at any given moment by simply deactivating the licenses on the existing website and by activating the license on another website.


Do you offer free trials?

Sadly, we don't offer free trials of our premium products.

However, we have a real 14-days no-questions-asked Refund Policy, enabling you to give OceanWP premium options a full test ride.

This means that we will not make up excuses if you're unhappy with our premium products and you can submit a refund request in accordance with our Refund Policy and Online Store Policy.

Will I receive an Elementor Pro license?

No, we don't sell third-party premium products nor services.

OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro include our own features for Elementor, such as full site templates, page and section template libraries and widgets.

However, these are our own products and will not unlock the premium features Elementor as a third-party company provides on their own. 

Get the best out of WordPress

Build your website on a strong foundation

100% risk-free

Use any OceanWP pro products worry-free. We have a 14-days No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy in place for all new purchases. We 100% adhere to it.

Continuous support

We provide continuous support for all OceanWP users, free and pro. Use our products carefree, knowing you can always count on us.

Continuous updates

We are working on improvements around the clock, to ensure your websites are always able to meet the latest demands.

Keeping it real

Your trust matters to us. No fake tests, no false claims, no games. Our users & clients' experience and feedback throughout the years speak volumes.