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OceanWP is now powered by
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OceanWP cooperation with Freepik and Flaticon

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It is our greatest pleasure to announce that, from now on, all new OceanWP Full Website Templates, as well as Page and Section templates will include royalty-free images and icons.

Thanks to the OceanWP cooperation with Freepik and Flaticon, absolutely no attribution is required from our users.

Why is this cooperation a huge deal

Until the cooperation with Freepik and Flaticon, our usual practice has been to replace all images in our templates with image placeholders, in order to respect the potential copyright, as well as to prevent potential issues.

Instead of including images and passing the legal responsibility to our users while hiding behind fine prints and hard-to-find disclaimers, we have worked relentlessly on finding the perfect solution for all OceanWP users and clients. Making our users vulnerable to potential lawsuits and legal harm is simply not an option.

But, everyone likes great images, including us.

We wanted the real deal - real royalty-free images and icons. No attribution, no fine print, no legal questions, no hassle.

How does this actually work

Things are very simple, straightforward and transparent.

OceanWP is paying for your rights to use the images and icons on your websites while using our WordPress software. For free.

This means that, when you purchase any of our premium plans, you are not paying for a dedicated Freepik or Flaticon subscription through us. You are also not additionally charged for that - it's a gift, for you from us. Of course, you can always purchase a dedicated license from our respective partners.

Refurbishing old OceanWP
full website templates

We are in the process of redesigning and refurbishing all OceanWP full website templates.

Besides improving the templates design to meet the modern standards and aesthetics, we are also adding new images and icons that you will be able to keep and use on your website freely.

It's only important to emphasize that, in order to avoid potential import problems with SVG file types, all icons used in OceanWP templates are actually PNG files instead.

You can preview all redesigned OceanWP full website templates that include royalty-free images and icons by choosing the Freepik Images Included filter.

Once we redo all website templates, we will remove this filter to avoid confusion.

New features for OceanWP premium license owners

Import images and icons
directly to your WordPress websites

Owners of the most advanced OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro plans get access to special features: direct import of images, icons and stickers.

With no download limits, here at OceanWP we want to ensure your businesses thrive, because you can spend more time on designs, and less time on image search, attribution and royalties.

How does the image and icons import work

As always, it's pretty simple.

With the purchase of any of the OceanWP the most advanced plans, OceanWP Pro Bundle (Business and Agency) and the Ocean eCommerce Pro (Shopping Plus and Shopping Mall), you get access to the direct image and icons feature for free.

This is a bonus feature - a gift from us to you, and you are not paying for it through your subscription plans. Using this feature also does not bind you with Freepik or Flaticon in any way, and you are not obligated to create any accounts with them.

Of course, you can get premium Freepik and Flaticon accounts on your own. The OceanWP direct images and icons feature is separated from this and you can't connect your own premium accounts (Freepik or Flaticon) with our feature.

We reserve all rights to remove the direct images and icons import feature at any point in the future, if it becomes obsolete or not beneficial to our clients.

Again, this feature is a bonus gift from OceanWP to you. Though we are paying rights for the usage of this type of feature, we are not charging you. Likewise, since the implementation of this feature, we have not changed the pricing of our plans.

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