images and icons
with oceanwp

OceanWP is
now powered by
Freepik and Flaticon

New Cooperation between
OceanWP and Freepik and Flaticon
brings all OceanWP users
royalty-free images and icons

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that, from now on, all new Ocean Website Templates will come with images and icons included – royalty-free and without any attribution requirements, thanks to the OceanWP and Freepik cooperation!

Why is this cooperation a huge deal?

Our usual practice, until now, has been to replace all images in templates with image placeholders. This has been done in order to protect our end users from potential legal matter regarding image copyright. You can read all about the How and the Why in our Demo Images Disclaimer document.

However, we’ve been working relentlessly on finding the perfect solution for all OceanWP users and clients. And we finally did it!

But, wait a minute. Why is this such a huge deal? Everyone else already delivers images with their content.

Yes, it would have been really easy for us to implement images and push the legal responsibility down to you, then hide behind a fine print. For us, our users come first, so placing users and clients in a possible legal harm was not an option.

Instead, we wanted the real deal – real royalty-free images. No attribution, no fine print, no legal question.

 We here at OceanWP are financing your rights to use the images and icons that will now make Ocean Website Templates even more amazing, thanks to Freepik and Flaticon.

Refurbishing existing Ocean Website Templates

We are in a process of redesigning and refurbishing ALL existing Ocean Website Templates.

This also means we are replacing existing images and icons, with those you will be able to keep and use if you choose to do so.

However, to avoid potential problems with SVG support, all icons in Ocean template demos will be replaced with PNG files instead.

Find the list of currently available and renewed Ocean Website Templates using the “Freepik Images Included” filter.

Once we redo all website templates, we will remove the filter to avoid confusion.

New features for Business and Agency Core Extensions Bundle Plans

Owners of the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle Business and Agency plans will be exploring brand new features with the Ocean Pro Demos plugin:

  • Direct Freepik image import, and
  • Direct Flaticon icons import.

With no download limits, here at OceanWP we want to ensure your business thrives as as you spend less time searching for images and worry less about attribution and royalty.

How does the new Ocean Images Import work?

Update your Ocean Pro Demos plugin to the 1.3.0 version  or later, and upgrade to the Business or Agency plan with the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle.

Navigate to Theme Panel > Ocean Images, in your WordPress dashboard.

This will redirect you to the Integrations panel, where you can enable the Images module. The module is supported by the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle Business and Agency plans only.

Enable the module you want and save changes. For the showcase purposes, we will enable the Freepik module and set the image download width to 1380px.

Once done, a new option “Browse Ocean Images” will appear under your Media option in the WordPress dashboard.

Type in your search query, click on the image you want and find the image in your Media Library.

You’re now equipped to design fabulous pages, just the way you always wanted.

You can also disable the module whenever you don’t have the need to import images, so it won’t be running in the background. Images that you have already imported in the Media Library will remain unless you manually delete them.

Happy website building!