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OceanWP General

What is OceanWP?

OceanWP is a free WordPress multi-purpose theme. 

Due to its flexibility and powerful customization options, you are able to build brilliant websites of any kind, with ease and hassle-free.

Is OceanWP free?

Yes. OceanWP is 100% free to download and use for everyone who aim to build stunning websites.

Is OceanWP easy to use?

OceanWP is extremely user-friendly and very intuitive.

Even first-time WordPress users have an amazing time learning and setting up their websites with OceanWP.

Is OceanWP fast?

OceanWP is one of the fastest, lightweight and stable WordPress themes.

Since website speed starts with hosting and is influenced by many other external factors, we do not engage in presentation of fake tests, false claims and other marketing shenanigans.

Our users and clients' satisfaction is proof enough.

Is OceanWP a Full Site Editing theme?

With the official WordPress terminology and themes' classification, OceanWP is not a Full Site Editing theme aka a Block theme.

However, with our customization options, especially Metabox Settings that empower you to control every aspect of your website from top to bottom, you can achieve more than you would with a block theme and experience full site editing the OceanWP way.

Due to the fact that the same terminology is used for different features, block editor as in block themes and block editor as in Gutenberg, which is the default content editor (writing content, such as blog posts), many novice users can get confused about this.

OceanWP is fully Gutenberg ready, meaning you can use the WordPress editor to write your content and utilize Gutenberg blocks for it.

Is OceanWP good for beginners and site owners?

Beginners and site owners that want to maintain their sites on their own will have a blast using OceanWP.

Thanks to fully covered documentation, intuitive and user-friendly setup, interfaces and options, professional and friendly support, you will dive into the WordPress ocean worry-free.

Is OceanWP good for freelancers and agencies?

OceanWP is perfect for both freelancers and agencies.

Being the chameleon it is, OceanWP empowers you to build websites of all kinds with no learning curve.

Free OceanWP features are perfect for your clients on low budgets.

Premium OceanWP features are perfect for clients that want the full pack.

Can I use OceanWP outside of WordPress?

OceanWP is a WordPress theme, so it will function only with the WordPress platform.

OceanWP will not function with Joomla or any other platform.

Does OceanWP use jQuery?

Yes. And so does WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor and pretty much everything you use and love.

Though our products are mainly based on Vanilla JS, there are some functionalities that can only be achieved with jQuery.

Contrary to popular but inaccurate writings, using jQuery isn't bad. Using outdated jQurey libraries is bad. Which goes for all libraries.

Do you display ads in the free version?

No, we don't display any ads nor use any affiliate links in any of our products.

However, the free OceanWP products will contain suggestions for you to upgrade to our premium version and mainly in the OceanWP Panel which you will use less than 0.001% of the time while working on your website.

We're doing this to show what you can achieve with the premium options and how you benefit from them, but also because the premium versions actually support the OceanWP free products you all love.

Be advised that third-party plugins you use along with OceanWP may display their own upgrade notices and ads, but that does not depend on us neither we can control that.

Is OceanWP available under different names?

Due its powerful customization and styling options, OceanWP has been copied numerous times with some slight changes to the names of some functionality or a few additional options. That is the reason you may recognize our features, functionality, the current Customizer and some other options within different themes.

However, OceanWP made by our official OceanWP team is one and only, and is not officially available under different names.

What's the best advice you can give me?

Shoes everyone recommends may be uncomfortable for you or not fit you. It's the same with this type of software.

You can't know anything for sure until you've given it a go. So the best advice we can give you is - try it on your own.

Since the OceanWP theme is 100% free, you can learn it at your own pace and explore everything at your own terms. And if you ever have any questions or feel like you got stuck, our tech team stands at your service.

Why use OceanWP?

What makes OceanWP different?

We firmly believe in freedom.

Freedom to be able to build fully functional websites of all types, even for free. We also believe in the user ability to be able to control all the features they would like to utilize on their websites.

With that in mind, it's only natural that we provide free WordPress tools free of half-baked features that enable everyone to get a full taste of what makes WordPress so amazing.

We also believe in supporting all our users. If you have a question or issues with our products that are not covered by our documentation or previous support threads, you can always count on us having your back.

Ocean Extra

What is Ocean Extra?

Ocean Extra is a free WordPress plugin that functions with the OceanWP free WordPress theme only.

Ocean Extra extends the functionality of the OceanWP theme and brings countless customization options and features, such as the Metabox Settings, Menu icons, local Google fonts, MailChimp and Adobe TypeKit integration and more.

Why is Ocean Extra plugin functionality not included in OceanWP theme directly?

We are hosting our free WordPress products with wordpress.org

The WordPress team determines and dictates guidelines that define themes, both minimum and maximum functionality. All other features that extend the functionality of theme features are extensions (plugins).

That being said, all options included in the free Ocean Extra plugin cannot be added into the OceanWP theme directly per WordPress theme rulebook and guidelines.

Since Ocean Extra is the OceanWP theme's right hand, when we talk about OceanWP free features, we also include the functionality provided by the Ocean Extra free WordPress plugin.

Do I need to install and use Ocean Extra?

That's entirely up to you.

If you want access to additional features and amazing options that enable you to control your site from top to bottom - we recommend that you do.

However, if you want to use additional functionality provided by other OceanWP free and premium plugins, you will need to use the Ocean Extra plugin on your website.


Is OceanWP compatible with Elementor?

Absolutely, OceanWP is 100% compatible with Elementor.

In fact, OceanWP was the first theme to implement theme support for Elementor and popularized this plugin.

Thanks to OceanWP customization and styling options, you can build remarkable websites without any premium options.


Is OceanWP compatible with WooCommerce?

Absolutely, OceanWP is 100% compatible with WooCommerce.

More over, OceanWP has so many out-of-the-box customization options available for WooCommerce, enabling you to build a fully functional and customized online store even for free.


Is OceanWP accessibility ready?

OceanWP is code-wise accessibility ready.

We take great pride being the first choice of many users, especially store owners, whose online businesses depend on government grants.

Such websites and business are obligated to pass the necessary accessibility requirements.

Likewise, we are constantly working and improving our codes, following the accessibility updates.


Is OceanWP translation ready?

Yes, OceanWP is 100% translation ready.

Is OceanWP RTL ready?

Yes, OceanWP is RTL (right to left) ready and will function and look good with all RTL languages.

Does OceanWP work with multilingual plugins?

OceanWP functions with all multilingual plugins, such as WPML, Weglot and others.


What are full site templates (demos)?

Full site templates aka demos are not different themes. The only theme you have is OceanWP, which is why it's so easy to build websites for any purpose you need.

Full site templates are pre-built website content, that consist mainly out of sample pages (home, blog, shop, etc), sample blog posts, sample products, media files (images, icons) and Customizer options.

All full site templates are totally adjustable, editable and customizable. This means that you can easily change colors, add your own content of course, adapt the design, media and everything else so that you're fully satisfied with the outcome.

Full site templates serve as an inspiration point and even as a fast starting point for those who don't want to build the site from scratch.

What is the Elementor section templates library?

The Elementor section templates gallery is available with OceanWP Pro Bundle. 

It is a feature that consists out of various templates of Elementor sections that you can import on any page then customize further as you wish.

This feature enables you to build pages step by step, build custom theme templates (for header, footer, CTA) and more.

What is the Elementor page and section eCommerce templates library?

The Elementor page and section eCommerce templates gallery is available with the Ocean eCommerce Pro plan.

It is a feature that consists out of prebuilt page templates (shop, single product, etc) that you can use to setup your custom eCommerce website fast.

Likewise, it also contains section templates that you can add to any page, build pages step by step and more.

Do OceanWP templates include royalty-free images and icons?

Thanks to our cooperation with Freepik and Flaticon, OceanWP templates include royalty-free images and icons which you can continue using on your OceanWP websites without any attribution whatsoever, and especially without any legal hassle.

For all info, see our Royalty-free images and icons with OceanWP page.

Do you use third-party premium products in templates?

No. All third-party plugins we use in our templates are free and we have only used those free functionalities.

However, some of them may have their own premium versions.

Our templates only use OceanWP premium products.


Do you provide support for free users?

Of course! All our users are equally important to us and we have provided continuous support for everyone at all times, not just when convenient. 

Where can I get support as a free user?

We officially provide support through the WordPress forum and our Facebook Community group.

Kindly note that the WordPress forum operates under specific rules, therefore we are only able to provide answers to questions that are related to free products and services. The rules are the same for you and us both.

Do you offer dedicated client support?

Absolutely! For all clients (users with OceanWP premium plans) we offer the ticket (email) support system.

Do you offer chat support?

No, we don't offer chat support.

In our humble opinion, live chat support is not suitable for this type of support services, especially troubleshooting which often includes links, screenshots, videos and more.

Likewise, we don't falsely advertise it only for you to spend hours in a chat waiting room or to realize that you have actually submitted a ticket and will not receive a reply immediately.

Priority Support

What is Priority Support?

Priority Support is an independent support service we provide for those who need just a little bit of extra assistance not included in our general support services.

Priority Support is not client support which is included and available and open to all premium users with active licenses of OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro plans.

For more information, visit our Priority Support page.

Who can get Priority Suppot?

Everyone can purchase Priority Support services subscription based on their needs, including free and pro users equally.

Do OceanWP pro users get Priority Support?

Some of our OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro plan include bonus benefits.

One of those benefits is a specific Priority Support membership type, which brings more advantages on top of the regular client support services.

Premium license owners whose plans include bonus Priority Support memberships, can apply for the OceanWP Bonus to activate their membership.


Can I use OceanWP to build sites for clients?


Thanks to its flexibility, it will be extremely simple for you build websites fast, as well as to maintain your clients' websites.

As a result, you'll always have satisfied clients that recommend your services to everyone.

Do my clients need to purchase their own premium licenses?

Well, that's actually between you and your clients.

You can use your own OceanWP premium licenses to build and maintain websites for clients. Thanks to advanced license controls, you're able to obfuscate details about your license and account, making your information private and secure.

However, if it's a one-time gig and your job is to only build a website for a client, the best option would be for your client to have their own premium license. You can still use this to your advantage, by registering for an OceanWP affiliate account and earn when the client completes a purchase using your link.

OceanWP Pro Bundle

What is the OceanWP Pro Bundle?

OceanWP Pro Bundle consists out of exceptional premium features that help boost your WordPress websites.

Some of the OceanWP Pro Bundle features include premium full site templates, Elementor section templates library, sticky header, portfolio and more.

OceanWP Pro Bundle is suitable for all websites types, including eCommerce sites.

However, if you're looking to build custom eCommerce sites with even more functionality that help increase sales, then consider using Ocean eCommerce Pro.

Ocean eCommerce Pro

What is Ocean eCommerce Pro?

Ocean eCommerce Pro plans include the Ocean eComm Treasure Box addon for WooCommerce and various additional features depending on the plan.

The Ocean eComm Treasure Box addon for WooCommerce is suitable for everyone looking to create advanced and state of the art online stores.

Some of the Ocean eComm Treasure Box features include custom WooCommerce builder for Elementor, Elementor page and section eCommerce templates library, Tabs Manager, Advanced Coupon Manager, Product Purchase Notifier, Checkout Manager and more.

Why upgrade?

Why upgrade to OceanWP Pro Bundle, Ocean eCommerce Pro or both?

If you've personally witnessed what we can do for you for free, then you can only imagine what we can do for you with the premium versions.

Even better, you don't have to imagine at all. You can get a full test ride of OceanWP premium features and decide whether it's the perfect fit for you.

What we can tell you, and what all long-time premium users can confirm, is that we put your customer experience first.

This means, among other, that instead of investing in harsh marketing while trying to impress you, we'll rather invest in your experience:

• just like we're financing the usage of royalty-free images and icons through templates;

• just like we're offering you gift features such as the royalty-free images and icons;

• just like we're bringing in various professional and organizing free webinars and training sessions for you;

• above all, we continue investing in new features, as well as improving existing features, so that you're websites are always up to the challenge of modern-days requirements.

You are equally important to use at all times, just like you were the day you arrived:

• our promotions are always open to everyone, new and existing clients;

• pricing increase never affect existing clients due to price lock;

• pricing plan changes never affect existing clients unless they benefit from it - like we've upgraded everyone's license counts without changing their pricing;

• most importantly, our support services quality doesn't change and you can always count on us to be there for you.

In short, we're always searching for new ways to provide you with more: more features, more options, more benefits, more experience, more support. Nothing less.

Premium general

Do you offer free trials?

Sadly, we don't offer free trials of our premium products.

However, we have a real 14-days no-questions-asked Refund Policy, enabling you to give OceanWP premium options a full test ride.

This means that we will not make up excuses if you're unhappy with our premium products and you can submit a refund request in accordance with our Refund Policy and Online Store Policy.

Premium other

Will I receive an Elementor Pro license?

No, we don't sell third-party premium products nor services.

OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro include our own features for Elementor, such as full site templates, page and section template libraries and widgets.

However, these are our own products and will not unlock the premium features Elementor as a third-party company provides on their own. 


Do you provide hosting services?

No, we don't provide hosting services.

We only provide WordPress tools that help you build amazing websites.

Do you build or maintain websites?

We only provide support for the general usage of OceanWP products.

However, we don't build websites nor maintain websites. If you're looking for additional expert help on WordPress and OceanWP, consider hiring a professional from our OceanWP Expert Partners page.

Get the best out of WordPress

Build your website on a strong foundation

100% risk-free

Use any OceanWP pro products worry-free. We have a 14-days No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy in place for all new purchases. We 100% adhere to it.

Continuous support

We provide continuous support for all OceanWP users, free and pro. Use our products carefree, knowing you can always count on us.

Continuous updates

We are working on improvements around the clock, to ensure your websites are always able to meet the latest demands.

Keeping it real

Your trust matters to us. No fake tests, no false claims, no games. Our users & clients' experience and feedback throughout the years speak volumes.