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oceanwp wordpress theme background elements on transparent background

Fully customizable

Take control over your website

No coding skills required

All settings at hands reach! You control your website - not the other way around.

Global fonts & Typography

Apply your favorite colors to all sections, or choose among hundred integrated Google fonts. Different typography settings for different sections and areas.

Global Site Layouts

Your website should be unique just as you are! Multiple page, blog, shop, blog posts, product and other settings available entirely for free.

Header options

Your Website Deserves a Wonderful Entrance

7 customizable header styles

Choose between 7 entirely free header styles, including the transparent header, or create a custom header per need!
Change header styles on global and individual page or post level. Additional control & options available.*

Header SOcial Menu

Connect with your website visitors and readers through your favorite social media platforms.

Multiple logo options

Assign different logos for normal, large and mobile screens. Additional control & options available.*

Top Bar & Social Menu

Enable the Top Bar section for additional features like the social or an extra menu. Additional control & options available.*

3 Mobile Menu Styles

That's right! OceanWP theme comes packed with 3 different mobile menu styles you can pick regardless of the main header styling.

ready to start a website?

import a template or start from scratch

Page title options

Lead Visitors Into Your World

Visibility control

Set the devices on which you want the page title to appear or disable completely. Additional control & options available.*

4 page title styles

Assign a global website Page Title style through the Customizer: Default, Centered, Centered Minimal or Background Image. Additional control & options available.*

Full Color & Typography settings

Make the titles stand out from the rest of the content.

Display breadcrumbs

Choose between available breadcrumb settings or disable entirely.

Adjustable heading tag

A house is built from the grounds up, SEO from top to bottom.

Single Blog Post options

Put Your Focus Into Writing

Page layout Settings

Display one, both or no sidebars. Set the order of the content on mobile devices: sidebar/content or content/sidebar. Additional control & options available.*

9 blog Post elements

Disable/Enable or reorder the featured image, blog post title, meta data, content, tags, next/previous posts links, author box, related content, comments.

6 meta Data Elements

Select which meta data to display: author, published date, categories, comments, modified date or reading time.

Next/Prev posts taxonomy

Set the preferred taxonomy for the display of next and previous posts.

Related content taxonomy

Choose the taxonomy, set the columns and posts count.

Additional header features

Ocean Sticky header

Awesome blog features

Express Yourself with OceanWP

3 Blog Entries layouts

Choose between the Grid, Large Image or Thumbnail styles.

Independent page layout

Display one, both or no sidebars at all. The choice is entirely yours.

Blog Entries structure

Disable or enable elements you want to display or change their order of appearance by simple click and drag. It's that easy!

5 blog entries elements

Disable/Enable or reorder the featured image, blog post title, excerpt, meta data and read more link.

6 meta Data Elements

Select which meta data to display: author, published date, categories, comments, modified date or reading time.

3 pagination styles

OceanWP offers default, infinite scroll and next/previous pagination options for your blog and categories pages.

Adjustable heading tag

Control the SEO structure the way it fits your needs.

Choose the columns number

Display the content in one or multiple columns. And guess what? You can choose the number of columns independently for tablet and mobile devices too!

screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme blog grid layout settings
screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme blog elements structure settings
screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme blog thumbnails style settings

adjustable footer widgets area

Your Website Should Be Unique, Just Like You

Visibility control

Disable or enable the footer widgets area, or adjust device visibility. Additional control & options available.*

Parallax footer

Enable the parallax footer feature with a single click.

Multiple options

Choose the number of columns, adjust padding, typography, colors, heading tags and many more.

Custom footer

Want more than available? No problem. Build a custom footer template using Elementor and set it easily through theme Customizer settings.

Customize copyright area

In Freedom We Trust

Remove Copyright info

Display your own information in the footer bottom copyright area. Changes made directly through theme Customizer.

Visibility control

Disable or enable the footer bottom, or adjust visibility per devices. Additional control & options available.*

Footer menu

In a need for some extra navigation? Assign an independent menu to the footer copyright area.

Multiple Styling Options

Adjust padding, color and typography settings.

Additional footer features

Sticky footer & footer callout

seamless wooCommerce integration entirely free


Woocommerce ready

Build an Online Store to Admire

Shop & Product page styling

Choose between several styling options. Enable/disable shop elements per need or change their order of appearance. It's that simple!

Regular or multi-step checkout

Increase conversion by enabling the Multi-Step or distraction-free checkout. And yes, all these options are entirely free.

off-Canvas filter

Make multiple options or filter widgets available to your potential customers without interfering with their shopping experience.

ecommerce customization

A Shop That Works For You

4 shop and product categories styles

Choose between the Hover, Image Swap, Featured Image or Gallery Slider styles.

ecommerce toolbar

Present your clients with additional options like the grid or list view switch, sorting filter, product view count settings or off-canvas filter.

7 ADjustable Elements

Disable or enable shop elements per need or rearrange their order. Available elements: product image, category, product title, price, star rating, product description (for the list view), Add to Cart button.

Quick View feature

Allow potential clients to check product information without leaving the page.

Conditional options

Hide the price and Add to Cart options for unregistered or logged out users. Increase conversion and user registration by displaying a conditional message.

Disable Image and Product Title Links

Run a simple product store solely through shop pages.

2 pagination styles

Choose between the numbered or infinite scroll pagination options.

Adjustable product number

Assign the number of products you want to display.

adjustable column number

Create a neat presentation by adjusting the column numbers for all devices.

screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme woocommerce off canvas filter frontend layout
screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme woocommerce show cart option frontend layout
screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme woocommerce shop hover style backend settings
screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme woocommerce single product full screen frontend layout

single product options

For Products That Sell

6 Adjustable elements

Disable or enable product elements or change their order of appearance. Available single product elements: product title, rating, price, excerpt, quantity & Add to Cart, product meta data.

2 Product thumbnail styles

Align additional product images horizontally or vertically.

Single Product Conditional

Display prices and enable the Add to Cart option only for registered users.

3 product tabs styles

Show additional product information by choosing the horizontal, vertical or section tab style.

up-Sells & Related Products

Increase sales through simple features like displaying up-sells and related products.

Floating bar

This sticky Add to Cart button will make the purchase for your clients easier than ever.

extra features

Success Is Preparation Meeting Opportunity

Distraction-free cart & checkout

Increase conversion by minimizing distractions and allowing them to focus on the purchase alone.

menu mini cart

Allow users to quickly view or adjust their cart info without leaving the shop pages. Multiple layout styles, visibility and conditional options, and many more.

Dedicated woocommerce sidebar

Display a unique sidebar only on WooCommerce pages.

Colors & Typography

Increase conversion by minimizing distractions and allowing them to focus on the purchase alone.

screenshot of oceanwp wordpress theme woocommerce cart page settings

Additional woocmmerce features

woo popup & Woo elementor widgets

But That's not All folks!

endless opportunities

Imagination Unleashed

Search page options & styling

Choose the search page layout, adjust the number of search results or pick the search source.

404 Page Settings

Quickly customize the 404 page or create a custom template.

Scroll to top

Select among multiple icons and style to fit into your website.

Theme Button styling

Set a default style to be applied across website.

Theme form styling

Assign a default style for all forms on your web page.

Opengraph settings

Allow your social media info to be shared along with the content.

schema markup

Use the basic theme Schema or disable if using an SEO plugin.

lifterlms integration

Free. Customization options available.

LearnDash integration

Free. Customization options available.

Easy digital downloads integration

Free. Customization options available.

bbpress integration


independent page/post settings

Unlimited Options

Page/Post Layout

Set the page layout for each page/post regardless of theme Customizer settings.

Choose sidebar

Display a different sidebar per page/post.

Add templates

Add different templates to each page/post using the shortcodes section.

Header & Top Bar Options

Disable/Enable Top Bar. Disable/Enable Header or set a different styling.

Logo & Retina Logo

Assign a different logo per page/post.

Menu Options

Display the default main menu or choose a different one. Additional color and typography settings available.

Page Title Options

DIsable/Enable Page Title. Choose to disable or enable the heading, use a different heading or add a subheading. Select a different Page Title style.

Breadcrumb options

Disable/Enable breadcrumbs per page/post.

Footer options

Disable/Enable footer widgets or the footer copyright area per page/post, or simply choose a unique template.

Additional features & Options

Additional individual page/post settings available based on different Ocean Extensions, like the Ocean Footer Callout, Ocean Sticky Header, Ocean Sticky Footer, etc.

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