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OceanWP bonus benefits
for premium users

If you purchased the Business or Agency OceanWP Pro Bundle plan, or the Shopping Plus or Shopping Mall Ocean eCommerce Pro plan, you became eligible for the OceanWP Bonus.

What is an OceanWP Bonus?

Here at OceanWP we reward your interest in our products. We want you to know you made the right choice.

The OceanWP Bonus currently consists out of:

1. 12 months Premium Support for Business plan (OceanWP Pro Bundle) and Shopping Plus plan (Ocean eCommerce Pro) license owners: 12h response time.*

2. 12 months VIP Support for Agency plan (OceanWP Pro Bundle) and Shopping Mall plan (Ocean eCommerce Pro) license owners: 8h responsive time.*

3. Access to unique online content.

4. Access to exclusive webinars.

5. Be the first to know the latest news and updates.

6. Private support group.

Who is eligible for the OceanWP Bonus

If you have an active license and you're past the Refund Policy period (it's been 14+ days since your purchase), or you have renewed your license, you are eligible for the OceanWP Bonus.

The OceanWP Bonus is 100% optional.

Kindly fill out the form below to apply.

* We will do our best to reply within the assigned hours. However, the actual response time depends on our business hours and the actual workload, all in accordance with our Support Policy.

** Bonus memberships (eg. Premium or VIP Support) end the same day your license expires. With each renewal, you are eligible for a new bonus.

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Use any OceanWP pro products worry-free. We have a 14-days No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy in place for all new purchases. We 100% adhere to it.

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We provide continuous support for all OceanWP users, free and pro. Use our products carefree, knowing you can always count on us.

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We are working on improvements around the clock, to ensure your websites are always able to meet the latest demands.

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Your trust matters to us. No fake tests, no false claims, no games. Our users & clients' experience and feedback throughout the years speak volumes.