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About OceanWP

About OceanWP LLC

OceanWP LLC is a WordPress software development company dedicated to creating solutions that fit both WordPress beginners and pros, and help them power up their websites to the max.

OceanWP operates since 2016 and consists out of an international team of people who share the passion towards WordPress, constant improvement and helping people find their way and place in the WordPress ecosphere.

Everyone deserves a splendid WordPress website and everyone deserves the tools to make it happen.

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Our Mission

It’s not a secret – we’re here on a mission.

Our mission is to help WordPress beginners create amazing and beautiful websites entirely on their own, by providing them intuitive and user-friendly tools that require absolutely no coding knowledge.

Our mission is to help WordPress experts and web designers make their clients say “WOW” by building and designing powerful sites and gain recognition they deserve.

Our mission is to help all of you build powerful websites with minimum tools with the help of rich features and quality coding. This minimizes the need for numerous third-party plugins to achieve a simple feature and also ensures performance and stability.

Our mission is to give back to the WordPress community by providing them with one of the most mightiest and feature-rich free WordPress themes there is – OceanWP. We believe everyone deserves to have an amazing website, even when the budget is low.

Our mission is to give the perfect solutions to all of you who want more – more features, more website templates, more support without dependencies of too many third-party resources and, most importantly, at an affordable pricing. That’s why we created the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle.

Our mission is to GIVE YOU MORE – more resources, more flexibility, more options and functionality, more freedom, more control over all features, and more support.

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