In this new version of OceanWP and Ocean Extra, you’ll be able to activate or deactivate almost all the theme’s scripts and styles, this way if you do not use certain features, you will be able to remove the JavaScript or CSS associated to improve the loading speed of your site.

Scripts and Styles Panel

How It Works

By default, you have a CSS and JS file that group all the theme functionality, so if you do not use or need some features, for example the Full Screen header style, you will still have its CSS or JS associated. it is not ideal.
You will no longer have this issue, just go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Theme Panel > Scripts & Styles and disable all CSS and JS you will not need.
When disabling a script, a CSS and JS file will be automatically created in the uploads folder of your site and displayed in front end instead of the default files.

WooCommerce Elements Positioning

In this version, you’ll also be able to re-organize or hide all the elements of your WooCommerce products in the catalog.
I also activated this feature for the summary of your single products, I did not do it for all elements (image + summary, tabs, up-sell products, related products) because I do not really see the useful to change the location of its elements, but if you want this possibility, tell me in the comments and I would add it in a future release.

Catalog Products Positioning

New Style For The WooCommerce Checkout Page

On the advice of a user, I have improved the checkout page style, now the items prices table and payment method are located on the side instead of below the customer details.

New Checkout Page Style

Other Cool Things For WooCommerce

The Zoom Gallery feature has been added, if your image is large, a zoom effect will be visible.
I also added a new option in the customizer to allow you to position the tabs on single product, left, center or right.

Image Zoomed

Other Features

For mega-menus, I have added one column in the “Megamenu columns” field, so you will not need to have at least two menu items in your mega menus, and I activate the mega-menus for the top bar.
Two new Width and Height options have been added in the customizer to allow you to change the images size of related posts in your single posts.
For the mobile menu, a new location has been added “Mobile” to allow you to display a different menu for the mobile menu. And the top bar menu is now automatically added to the mobile menu.
I created a new “Tags Cloud” widget which is exactly the same as the default tags widget of WordPress but that has several customization options (background, color, font size, text-transform, etc …).
A new shortcode is available “” which allows you to display certain informations of the current user like its username, email, first and last name, etc, look at this article in the documentation for more information.

What’s Next?

The next version of OceanWP will be a big update, I will improve the Medium header style, try to create a new demos with GiveWP which is a donation plugin, so the demo will be a non-profit template (I not yet found the exact idea), improve some extensions, and add new useful features to the theme.

Tell me what you think about this new version and subscribe to the newsletter to stay connected!

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  1. Daniel Mesteru

    Hi Nicolas,

    This is great news! I love the theme and I’m already planning to use OceanWP for at least 2 of my projects! Please keep it going, your work is inspiring for me. Solid work here.


  2. Antal

    Great work Nicolas! OceanWP is my theme of choice. 🙂
    Maybe I can make a suggestion; the option to hide the woocommerce cart in the menu whenever it is empty?

  3. Le


    What’s about the google font subset? Does it include on this release?


  4. Munir Kamal

    Amazing Nick, OceanWP is the only theme i use now on my client / personal projects and i feel great to take this decision in the early days of OceanWP when i first used it and when i had a conversation with Nick. OceanWP since than is growing / improving with a lightening fast speed and things only getting better and better.

    Thanks you So much Nick

  5. Daniel

    Wow. Its fantastic! The best theme ever!

  6. Marc Bijl

    Hi Nicolas, today I stumbled upon your theme, and I’m really blown away! Downloaded it, imported some demo content, and really love how it all looks and has been set up; thumbs up mate!

    However, I have a question. As far as I can see, there are no portfolio pages in the demos. What’s the best way to create portfolio items, and portfolio pages/overviews? I’m planning to use Elementor and Elementor Pro, and was thinking about creating custom post types for portfolio items. Would that be a good idea? And if so, what plugin can be recommended to create this custom post type?

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hello Marc, thank you very much for your message.
      For the portfolio, there is not yet a demo because there is not yet a portfolio extension, I planned to create one.
      If you have good knowledge in PHP and on the creation of custom post type, yes it is a good idea, otherwise, I discovered a very good plugin not long ago, I think you will like it:

      Thanks again for your message 🙂

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, the WooCommerce style is by default disabled to load the custom OceanWP WooCommerce CSS file.
      Thank you for the nice words 🙂

  7. jose roses

    This is fantastic Nicolas, just a small improvement: in the woocommerce checkout page, the “Payment method” is the right side of the screen but could it be fix when you do scroll down.

    Storefront has this functionality of fixing the “payment method” when scrolling, and I think this is good for the UX and to get more sales.

    Thanks a lot.


    Bonjour Nicolas,
    Thx for you amazing work!
    I have an issue tring to customize the colors of Prudut pages on woocommerce.
    I go to Customize / WooCommerce / Advenced Style / Product Find the Price color, changed the green to red but nothing happens on the page once all saved.
    Can you help me out ? is there somthing I missed.

      1. WilliamDHS

        Thanks for your reply,
        Where can I open a ticket, do I need to purchase an account ?

  9. Rayon

    Hi there,
    I cannot see the OceanWP “Theme Panel” section in my WordPress dashboard. Any idea why? Thanks!

  10. Jason

    How about adding a table of content option or plugin.

    Obviously it would be better to add it directly from the post editor but an extra extension for this would be fine too.

    I’m new to the theme so excuse my ignorance if this already exists (outside of using Elementor Page Builder) but i’m not seeing it so if it does feel free to enlighten me.

    Other than that I’m really happy with it.


  11. Sarah

    Nicolas – Great Theme! I have OceanWP Theme, Hooks, and Ocean Extra and I use them with Elementor. I do not have the Scripts and Styles panel under the Theme panel. Is this because I’m using the free version of OceanWP? I’m trying to disable OceanWP’s lightbox b/c it’s popping up underneath another lightbox/gallery plugin I prefer to use. I’m struggling to figure out how to disable your lightbox!

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello Sarah, thanks for the nice words 🙂
      If you don’t have Scripts & Styles, it means that you are on an old PHP version and I recommend you to contact your host to tell him that you want to be on the latest PHP version.

  12. Tania

    Hi Nicolas,
    I’m having trouble determining what Scripts & Styles I don’t need and can disable. Going through them one by one to see what breaks is making me nuts 🙂 Is there more information w/ maybe a screenshot of each so I know if that is a feature I’m using?

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello Tania, I will try to do something about this to make this feature very easy to understand.

  13. Himanshu

    I have problem with using Oceanwp. Whenever i click on place order in my woocommerce then one table appears which is not responsive and goes out off the screen. Please help!!!!!

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