After several days of work, I am pleased to present you this new update of OceanWP focused on the responsive. Now you’ll be able to control several elements for tablet and mobile devices like font size, padding, columns, and so on.

How It Works

When you see the responsive buttons next to the title of an option in the customizer, this means that you can change the values for this option for tablet and mobile devices.
Just click on the “Desktop” icon, two more icons will appear, clicking on one of them, your site will simulate this device and you will be able to add a custom value for it.

Show/Hide Some Elements

A new “Visibility” field has been added in the Top Bar, Page Header, Footer Widgets, and Footer Bottom sections to allow you to show or hide its elements on tablet and mobile.

Footer Widgets Columns

By default, on the tablet and mobile screens there is only one column for footer widgets, since this update you can easily choose to display your widgets between 1 and 4 columns as the GIF above.

New Header Style

A new header style has been added “Medium” with several options to allow you to customize this header style according your needs, like to show/hide the menu when scrolling, show/hide and to reorganize the columns and control the padding of the top section, control positioning, height, padding of the menu, and more.

Other Features

All widgets were removed from the theme because some widgets had code that is not allowed in a theme on the WordPress directory, they were moved in Ocean Extra 1.2.0, so if not already done, update the plugin before the theme to lose no widgets data.
Two new font weight 500 and 900 have been added and now it is possible to control the font size of the social menu and add a left/right padding.

What’s Next?

I will improve the Medium header style, you will be able to put what you want in place of the search form and social in the top header.
Then I would start working on a new extension to allow you to enable/disable each scripts of OceanWP, this way you can have a very light theme.
If you have an idea or suggestion to improve the theme, feel free to contact me.

Tell me in the comments what you think of this update.

Nicolas Lecocq

When I am not working on improving OceanWP or creating new extensions, it is possible that I write an article on the blog... or I watch Game Of Thrones :)

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  1. juiyong71

    Just downloaded and start experimenting with OceanWP. Must say this is the best theme I have every come across. Tonnes of flexibility and options to configure. Kudos to you. Really appreciate this and will share with peers to try the OceanWP and explore the extensions you have created.

  2. Ben

    This is still the best for me so far, and works really great with my favorite page builder.

    I haven’t checked, but I’ll look to see if this update easily allows for increase in logo dimensions (width X height) beyond 164×40 px…

    Really love OceanWP, thanks for developing it and for your continuous development too…

    I love it…. THANK YOU!

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      You can put a logo of the size you want, I put 164×40 as I had to set a height and width by default.

      1. Ben

        oh, great! Thanks for your response

      2. Yu Fei

        Hi Nicholas, not sure why my logo became very small and I am unable to change it.

        1. Nicolas Lecocq

          Hello, please use the support for any issue with OceanWP, thank you 🙂

        2. Omid

          I have the same problem. After recent OceanWP update, my website logo became invisible on mobile and iPad.
          please advise how it can be fixed.

  3. momo-fr

    Bonjour Nicolas, un énorme merci d’avoir créé OceanWP !!!!

  4. Julien

    SAVE BUTTON DISAPPEARED? I’m using Elementor and I just updated to the new Ocean WP version, but now the entire bottom bar on the editor with the “save” button and “revisions” has disappeared. Please help!

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, please use support for any support question, thank you.

      1. Pamel

        AAANNNDDDD it is gone!! AANNNDDD where is the info in your support? OORRR Julien, Did you ever find an answer? I have my site ready to go and it WILL NOT SAVE!!!!

        1. Nicolas Lecocq

          Hello, as it is an Elementor issue, you need to contact the Elementor support team.

  5. Jeannie

    I am looking to change the feature image size on the blog postings. Are there options so that the photos can be medium or thumbnail in the post listing? Right now it is full width or nothing. I don’t seem to have the option to set the feature image as a smaller size.

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, you can use a CSS code like this: .thumbnail img { width: 500px; }

  6. Sunny

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how to increase the font size of the menu ??

    1. Sam

      I have the same question as Sunny, How to increase the font size of the menu

      1. Nicolas Lecocq

        Hi, you just need to go to the Typography > Main Menu section of the customizer.

  7. Rimas

    Hello, please add a phone number show in social menu

  8. Sam

    I got it, go customize->typography->main menu. I love the theme, fantastic work, will donate

  9. Matej


    I am new at Wodpress, still learning and I have a question if you can help me.

    I use Ocean WP Child theme. I would like to rename on page title instead of BLOG to something else, let’s say NOVICE. I tried everyting on theme editing, but can not find a solution. Also I searched for title.php and this theme doesn’t show it. Link for blog is:

    Can you pls check and let me know?

    Best regards

  10. Chris

    I’m using OceanWP with Elementor but can’t find a way to keep a tagline connected to my website name — so it appears on every page. Suggestions?

  11. adrienne

    Hi, is the ability to change the header size on mobile only available in pro? I’ve tried to customize this with CSS but no dice.

  12. yememico

    How to force desktop view for oceanwp? I to disable mobile responsiveness and make it a desktop version site on my smartphone? Please Help. Tq so much.

    1. Alex de Borba

      Can you detail a bit more what you are trying to accomplish regarding “force desktop view for oceanwp”?

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