It has been one year since the official release of OceanWP, the theme have more than 70,000 downloads and 10,000 users. To thank you for your support, I worked hard for this new update to offer you more possibilities and control.
OceanWP has now passed another level thanks to you. Below, the most important new features and improvements but first of all:

Wish To OceanWP a

Happy Birthday!

Show your support by giving me a birthday tweet, share or review.


New Header Style

A new header style is available, named Vertical with several options to give you total control.

Two options to choose a template created via Theme Panel > My Library are available, the first is to replace all the contents of the header, the second to add content only to the end of the header.

You can put the header transparent if you use the Ocean Sticky Header extension, close it by default, control the width, the padding, the styling and many other things.
In responsive, the header is closed so that your site look good on any devices.

New General Layout

A new general layout has been added Separate, this layout make your content boxed and your header/footer full width.

Both Sidebars Layout

As requested by users, you can now display two sidebars.
You can control the content and sidebars width and the style, Sidebar / Sidebar / Content, Sidebar / Content / Sidebar and Content / Sidebar / Sidebar.

Thumbnail Blog Style

A new blog style is added with the featured image on the side.
You can choose in what side you want to display the image and select the vertical position of the content, top/center/bottom.

White Label Extension

You can with the White Label extension add your own branding name instead of OceanWP for the admin pages as the OceanWP Settings metabox and change the theme name, author, author url, description and screenshot in Appearance > Themes. You can also hide the White Label box in Theme Panel so that your clients will not seen it.

Conditional Hooks

The Ocean Hooks extension has been updated and has two great new features Conditional Logic and User Roles asked by many users. You will be able to add code only on your homepage, blog, single post, shop, etc… and/or per users role.
Also, many new hooks has been added through the theme for the blog entries and single posts.

Improvement of the Center Header Style

As announced in the Facebook Group, if you use the Center header style, you will need to do some steps because this style has been improved.
The old method was to automatically add the logo to the middle of your menu, the problem with this method is that often the logo was not centered because you had more menu items on one side than the other. With this new method, your logo will always be centered regardless of the number of menu items in your navigation, the only thing you have to do if you already use this header style, is to create a new menu and to select it in the Left Menu field in Header > General. You can also display your menus in three different ways:

Header Style Per Page/Post

Many new options has been added in the OceanWP Settings metabox, you can now select your header style per page/post, choose a different logo and sticky logo, change the header colors and many more.

What Else?

New logo field to add a different logo in tablet and mobile. You can also choose the media query where you want to display this logo. For example if you want to display it only on mobile, you just need to choose From 480px.

A new option named Footer Parallax is added in the Footer Widgets section of the customizer to add a nice parallax effect to the footer when you are at the end of your site.

A new checkbox field to put the Full Screen, Center and Medium header styles transparent.

New Select Template field to replace the social icons in the principal menu with a template created with your page builder.

New fields in WooCommerce > Advanced Styling to control the background, color, border color, border width and border radius of the Add to Cart button of the shop page and for the typography in Typography > WooCommerce Product Add To Cart.

New Width and Height fields in the Blog Entries section of the customizer to crop your featured images on the fly, that mean the sizes are not stored in your disk space to not weigh down it.

Do not have the bundle yet?

To celebrate the first year of OceanWP, a discount is available for the Core Extensions Bundle, but hurry, it will end soon!


Tell me in the comments what you think about this new big update and what you would like to see incorporated in OceanWP in the future.

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  1. Verdi

    Very nice updates!! Well done and congratulation Nick!

  2. Sasha-Shae

    Congratulation Nicolas! The theme has come a long way and I look forward to all that’s still yet to come. Cheers to one year and to many many more! Also happy birthday to you too.

  3. Stephen Cooper

    Unbelievable amount of updates Nicolas. Superb work.

  4. BUrak Arda

    I can only say WOWWW!!!

    Thanks, and happy birthday..

    Keep up this best wp theme in the world please 🙂

  5. Eric Heymans

    Too good to be true… 🙂
    .. but.. yeah.. it’s true !
    Congratulations and thanks a lot for keeping us delighted.

  6. So many improvement and I love them all.

    Thanks Nicolas for your continue dedication to improving oceanwp theme.


  7. Michael Schwwarzer

    Thank you! and happy birthday! 🙂

  8. Richard Kelsey

    Love these new updates! And happy birthday to you, too!

  9. Nick

    I’ve been a GeneratePress user for a while now but I think I have to jump into OceanWP now and give it a try. So many awesome features! Great work, Nicholas 🙂

  10. Joakim

    Fantastic work Nicolas. Keep up the good work. 😀

  11. sam

    Immediately i updated ocean wp extra plugin, my wordpress editor stop working. Am I the only one please help. Thanks Nicolas.

  12. Scott Webb

    This is big! Really want to fix up the blogging and posts of my sites. YEHHH. Stay Golden, Nicolas!

  13. Tony Sargeant

    G’day Nick,
    It’s the way you look after your, “Theme (Baby)”, that makes a bloke, glad he chose it. It gives a mug punter newbie, like me, confidence that he will get support if he needs it and that any business you pursue won’t be left bare-arsed in the wind, if something should go wrong. Keep grinnin’.

  14. David Wilks

    Good morning Nicolas! I’ve been using OceanWP right from launch. It was a great theme then and just keeps getting better. To anyone who reads this comment, do yourself a huge favour and buy the Core Extensions Bundle. They add a huge amount of extra functionality.

  15. Alex Charalampous

    Happy Birthday mr Lecocp. You have made an exceptional work. OceanWP is the best theme I’ve used in WordPress so far. Flexible, user friendly and easy to use! Best wishes from Greece!

  16. Alex Charalampous

    Hello there, I am exploring the Gym theme lately, but after updating to the OceanWP 1.4, the social menu on header, has moved from right to the left. Now the social menu is right behind the logo. Is there any way to fix that?

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, you just need to clear your cache. If you have disabled any script or style, go to Theme Panel > Scripts & Styles, click the Save Changes button, then clear your cache.

      1. Alex Charalampous

        You are a magician! Thank you! Your work is flawless.

  17. Alex Charalampous

    Hey there again! Just to let you now, another minor issue of the Gym Demo, is that the Social Icons under each Trainer in home page, are not aligned in center, but in left in mobile view ONLY. As far as I can see through settings, despite that you choose center alignment, the social media icons are viewed only in left alignment in mobile view.

  18. mycommac

    Awesome Nicolas! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  19. Aceng garut

    Amazing update!! congratulation .

  20. opensesame

    I am looking forward to testing out Ocean WP against the other themes that I have developed on for the past 6 years. I have heard great things about Ocean WP and excited to use. Cheers to your 1st Birthday and wishing you many more years of celebration!

  21. Satya

    I don’t get satisfied easily but using this theme I must admit its brilliant piece. However expecting PRO version to add worthy stuffs as FREE version, I don’t mind paying and even others will pay provided we have better return 🙂

  22. Janet

    You’re doing a great job Nicolas,oceanwp is now my main wp theme & what I like most is the many customizing features making it very versatile unlike other free themes

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