Remember the Purchase Notifier or Popup Builder and other features we released at the end 2023 to supercharge your eCommerce game? Get ready to be wowed again!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to freshen up your websites. To help you achieve your digital blooming goals, we came up with a whole bouquet of new content creation WordPress features.

Yes! We’re talking about new premium templates, custom post types, pixel tracker and more.

This article is your one-stop shop for all things new and exciting. We’ll delve into the new features, give you a sneak peek of our future plans and shed some light on changes to our OceanWP Pro Bundle plans, giving you even more bang for your buck.

Our OceanWP newsletter subscribers heard it first. Now it’s time for all of you to learn all the sweet details about our first epic features update release of the year. So don’t miss our BIG, like really really big, news because they’re destined to cheer you up.

OceanWP Pro Bundle New Features

20 New Full Website Templates: Your Springboard to Success

Ever stared at a computer screen, willing yourself to be struck by a bolt of design genius? You’re not alone. Whether you’re crafting websites for clients or building your dream website, the struggle to find inspiration is real.

Picking the perfect layout, colors, fonts and images – it feels like a never-ending creative battle, even for something so seemingly simple. And let’s be honest, this internal battle can devour more time than actually building the website itself.

Fear not, WordPress design warriors.

OceanWP’s Full Website Templates library now boasts over 240 pre-designed website templates for WordPress and Elementor, ready to jumpstart your creative process.

Until the official release, here’s your chance to check out some of our upcoming templates:

The best part? All these new templates come with royalty-free images and icons included and you’re free to use them on your websites as you please.

Time to break through the design block, as the entire OceanWP Full Website Templates library is available to all OceanWP Pro Bundle license owners through the Ocean Pro Demos plugin.

Popup Builder: Popup Power to the People

Popups, those attention-grabbing elements that appear on your screen, are like a digital tap on the shoulder – a way to make sure visitors don’t miss the important stuff.

Popups are perfect to grow your email list, promote special offers or simply highlight key information.

But, with great popup power comes great responsibility.

Don’t go overboard and don’t annoy your visitors – use popups strategically throughout your website to maximize the impact.

new OceanWP premium feature popup builder

If you’re rocking the Ocean eCommerce Pro (Ocean eComm Treasure Box) toolbox, then you’ve already witnessed the flexibility of the OceanWP Popup Builder while enjoying the benefits of this lead-generating wonder. The good news is – you can now unleash this power on all websites!

If you’re an Elementor or a Gutenberg wizard, you can craft completely custom popups to fit your needs. And of course there’s more!

The OceanWP Popup Builder includes simple templates (no builder required) that just need a touch of personalization for that perfect pop.

So, how do you get your hands on this Popup magic? Simple! It’s already included in all OceanWP Pro Bundle plans, accessible through the Ocean Pro Demos plugin.

For more information, view the Ocean eCommerce Pro Popup Builder documentation or OceanWP Pro Bundle Popup Builder manual.

Get ready to see website’s engagement rates soar – responsibly, of course!

Custom Post Types: Start the Content Creation Revolution

If you ever feel limited by the traditional WordPress blog posts, you’ll be delighted with the Custom Post Types magic, that’ll help you turn your website into a content chameleon.

Think of it this way: sometimes traditional blog posts just don’t quite cut it and you need to break free from that traditional mold. Custom Post Types are the fancy cookie cutters for your content. They let you create new posts, beyond the standard blog post format, allowing you to add all sorts of details to your website’s database.

new OceanWP premium feature custom post types for WordPress

Confused? Let’s ditch the tech jargon.

Custom Post Types let you build different types of content, each with its own special configuration. Imagine showcasing your team members in a way that goes beyond a simple ‘About Us’ page – create dedicated profiles with bio for each member, filterable by department.

That’s the power of Custom Post Types in action – your website has become a dynamic hub that showcases your team’s awesomeness.

Of course you don’t need to be a coding expert to use OceanWP Custom Post Types, as we made things as simple as possible. Not only that, we’ve also included detailed documentation on how to use the OceanWP Custom Post Types feature.

Custom Post Types feature is available to all OceanWP Pro Bundle license owners and delivered through the Ocean Pro Demos plugin.

Time to ditch traditional post limitations while trying to fit square pegs into round holes and unleash creativity.

Pixel Tracker: Forget the Detective Work & Unveil the Secrets of Your Website

Don’t let the name fool you.

OceanWP’s Pixel Tracker is not just some Facebook fangirl, but rather the wheel behind the data-gathering mastermind.

Our Pixel Tracker enables you to add tracking pixels from a variety of sources to your website, giving you a clear picture of how visitors navigate your domain.

Its beauty lies within its simplicity. No more wrestling with third-party plugins, editing templates like code cowboys and getting lost in a sea of codes.

Add your pixels, enable desired events and you’re ready to rock that boat.

Speaking of keeping things clean, the Pixel Tracker keeps your dashboard nice and tidy. We won’t clutter your workspace with unnecessary analytics because you’ll access all that juicy data through your existing (social) accounts.

In addition to more tracking options we plan to add soon, the ones that are available right away are:

  • View Content (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Search (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Contact (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Product views (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Add to cart (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Checkout (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Order completion (Facebook / TikTok),
  • Product views (Google),
  • Add to Cart (Google),
  • Checkout (Google),
  • Order completion (Google).

Now, for the details: the Pixel Tracker is available exclusively for Business and Agency OceanWP Pro Bundle license owners, delivered through the Ocean Pro Demos plugin. For full information on how to start squeezing the data juice, see our OceanWP Pixel Tracker documentation.

If you’re ready to ditch the detective work and unlock the secrets of your website’s traffic, the Pixel Tracker feature is your key!

All Aboard OceanWP Feature Train: Why is Everything in One Plugin?

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering why all these fantastic new WordPress features are rolling in through the Ocean Pro Demos plugin. Good catch eagle-eye 😉

Buckle up, we have 2 very exciting reasons for this decision.

First and foremost, we’re all about making your life easier. Instead of bombarding you with new plugins, we’ve strategically placed everything under one roof – Ocean Pro Demos plugin, a trusted friend you already know and use.

But, the real kicker? This is just the first step in our grand plan for plugin domination (in the best way possible, of course).

We’re on a mission to merge all the amazing features from the OceanWP Pro Bundle into a single, centralized powerhouse plugin.

We can’t spill all the beans just yet, but there’s a lot more awesomeness coming down the pipeline, designed to make your OceanWP WordPress experience smoother and more powerful than ever before.

Ocean eCommerce Pro New Features

Pixel Tracker: Same Power, Different Package

Get ready for a double dose of data-gathering goodness.

The good news is that the core functionality of the Pixel Tracker is exactly the same, no matter which OceanWP premium plan you’re on. Nonetheless, we got you covered with complete documentation on how to use the Pixel Tracker with your Ocean eComm Treasure Box.

New OceanWP premium feature pixel tracker for WooCommerce and business websites

The key difference here is accessibility.

For OceanWP Pro Bundle users, the Pixel Tracker is just one perk in a sea of abundance. But, for Ocean eCommerce Pro users, the Pixel Tracker is the star of the show, available to all license owners.

Now go forth and gather that data.

Waitlist with Email Functionality: Save the Day. And Your Sale

Those ‘out of stock’ products can be a real conversion killer for eCommerce stores. That’s about to change, our fellow store owners, because the Waitlist feature is here to turn frowns upside down.

The Waitlist tool allows customers to subscribe to a notification list for any product that’s currently unavailable. As soon as the product reappears in your inventory, an automatic email zips out to everyone on your waitlist, letting them know it’s shopping party time.

new OceanWP premium feature product waitlist for WooCommerce

And, of course, there’s more!

You can customize the content of the notification email to completely match your brand voice. Think of it as a personalized ‘We missed you and guess what’s back?’ message that’ll have customers racing back to your store.

Learn how to use and leverage the Waitlist feature on your WooCommerce websites, by checking out our official documentation.

Time to ditch lost sales and frustrated customers. The Waitlist feature is your secret weapon to keep everyone happy and your sales boosting.

Get Ready to Popup, Coupon and Badge Like a Boss: More Ocean eCommerce Pro Additions

Did you notice?

We’ve been busy bees in the code hive, and guess what? We’re buzzing with excitement to share some amazing new eCommerce features coming your way!

Buckle up, because this update is packed with goodies like grandma’s kitchen.

Popups Got Even Smarter

  • Exit Stage Left (But Not Your Customers!): Now you can trigger popups when visitors are about to abandon your site, giving you a chance to reel them back in with a special offer or a friendly reminder.
  • Picky Popups? No Problem! Want to exclude certain pages from your popup party? We’ve got you covered. You can now choose exactly where your pop-ups show up.
  • Dress Up Your Popups: We’ve added even more typography options to make your popups look as stunning as your website.

Learn how to build and manage popups with Ocean eComm Treasure Box.

Coupons Made Easy

  • Discount Done Right: Ever wished your customers could see all their available discounts at a glance? Well, wish granted! Our new Coupon Manager lets you display those sweet deals front and center. Learn how to use the Available Discounts feature.
  • Auto-Magic Discounts: Want to make things even easier for your customers? Enable the auto-apply feature, and discounts will be applied automatically at checkout. No more hunting for codes! Learn how to use and leverage the Auto-Apply Coupons feature.

Purchase Notifications Got a Makeover

Visualize This! Our new Purchase Notifier just got a visual customizer, so you can personalize it to match your website’s style perfectly.

See how to use the Purchase Notifier on your eCommerce website to create excitement and increase sales.

Badges of Honor for Your Products

Shine a Light on Your Products: Get ready to add some visual flair with our new Badge Manager feature! You can now add eye-catching image badges to your products.

new OceanWP premium feature image product badges for WooCommerce

Choose from a built-in library for all occasions, whether it’s a festive sale, an eco-friendly product, or anything else you can imagine.

Learn how to use and utilize Product Badges Manager to emphasize products and increase sales.

So, there you have it!

These are just some of the exciting new WordPress features we have in store for you. Stay tuned for the official launch, and get ready to take your website to the next level!

Get Ready to Dive in! OceanWP’s Premium Update is Almost Here (and We Threw Everything But the Kitchen Sink at It)

The time is near!

Our latest batch of premium WordPress features is undergoing its final, final, absolutely-the-last-final testing phase. Basically, we’re combining cardio with WordPress stress Olympics, by emulating as much different website scenarios as possible to ensure nothing but a smooth ride for you.

If everything goes according to plan, we will release our new features right on schedule – April 3rd, 2024. Mark your calendars!

Now, you know the drill.

Updating WordPress websites is like a superhero-origin story. It has potential to be awesome, but a little prep work goes a long way. Head over to our documentation and become the hero your website needs, by learning how to safely update a WordPress website like a pro.

Want to stay in the loop about all things OceanWP? Subscribe to our newsletter!

Be the first to hear about new features, update releases, exclusive promos, webinars and maybe even some behind-the-scenes feature-stress testing shenanigans (but without the kitchen sink).

Buckle up! OceanWP Pro Bundle Plan Changes Alert

We know, we know – that heading made your heart skip a bit, didn’t it?

But, here at OceanWP we’re all about making your customer and WordPress website building experience amazing, no matter how long you’ve been a part of the fam.

So, get ready for some news that’s gonna make the Business and Agency OceanWP Pro Bundle plan license owners do the happy feet dance: you can snag the Ocean eCommerce Pro plan equivalent for free!

Yep, you read that right!

If you have an active OceanWP Pro Bundle Business or Agency plan license, you can fill out our quick form and unlock the matching Ocean eCommerce Pro plan license.

What does this mean in English? Well, let’s break it down.

If you have, for example, an OceanWP Pro Bundle lifetime Agency plan license, you will receive the Ocean eCommerce Pro Shopping Mall lifetime license to build even more amazing OceanWP websites for your clients.

Head over to our Special Loyalty Reward page for all the nifty little details, fill out the form and collect your reward!

But wait! There’s more!

We haven’t forgotten about our legacy OceanWP Pro Bundle Agency plan holders (old unlimited and 60-site license plans). You guys are VIPs too and if you have an active license that matches the conditions, you will also receive your Ocean eCommerce Pro Shopping Mall matching license.

And what about those who already bought the Ocean eCommerce Pro plan using the 50% loyalty discount? Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you out! You can apply too, so go grab your matching Ocean eCommerce Pro plan license.

Everyone else? No sweat!

If you have an active OceanWP Pro Bundle or Ocean eCommerce Pro license, you can still fill out the form and snag the 50% special loyalty discount reward to purchase the other OceanWP premium product at an insanely affordable price.

About to join the OceanWP family? Don’t worry, we have something special in store for you too, so welcome aboard!

And remember, our awesome customer service team is on standby if you have any questions.

Ready for a Fresh 2024 Look for Your Website? OceanWP’s Spring Sale Has Got You Covered!

Is your website looking just a little bit tired after the Holiday rush? Or perhaps the 2024 has inspired you to redesign and freshen up?

Whether you’re feeling a website makeover or building a completely new WordPress website, new OceanWP premium features will help you dig into the content creation and inspire you to rethink smart ways that help you generate more leads, grow your subscribers list, increase sales, as well as build even more OceanWP websites for your clients.

To celebrate the Season (yes, the Spring season) and our brand new WordPress power tools, we’re having a limited-time Spring Sale! Save up to 40% on both OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro (after which you can grab the loyalty discount reward, but that’s a top secret so don’t spill the tea 😉 )

Adding all things up, it’s the perfect time to:

  • Grab your very first license: New to OceanWP? This Sale is the perfect excuse to dive into the deep ocean of OceanWP premium features and experience their awesomeness, along with dedicated customer support as a cherry on top.
  • Upgrade your existing plan: Already using OceanWP premium features? Level up your website building experience with an upgrade to a higher tier or a lifetime plan, or both.
  • Renew an old license: Keep the party going! Renew your old license, ensure all your premium plugins are up to date and get a hold of these brand new amazing features with just one step.

Grab your discounts before they’re gone, your website will thank you.

TLDR: New OceanWP Pro Features & a Spring Sale to Bloom About!

We’re bursting with excitement and getting ready to release brand new premium features for both OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro.

We poured our brains, hearts and a serious amount of coffee into the new features. The sad news is, we can’t just describe their awesomeness in a word or two. The good news is, this entire article offers nothing but valuable info about the what our premium customers can expect soon, so we encourage you to check it out in full.

Feeling like a WordPress website whisperer? As an OceanWP user, you can totally influence our future feature rollouts. Head over to our Feature Requests form and tell us all about the website magic you’re dreaming of.

We’re also making some incredible (seriously) changes to the OceanWP Pro Bundle Business and Agency plans, so hold on your favorite web developer socks. Get ready to build even more jaw-dropping websites at a price that won’t make your wallets weep because you can get an Ocean eCommerce Pro Shopping Plus or Shopping Mall license for free. So yes, you’ll have to read the article to find out the details 😉

To celebrate our first epic launch of the year, we’re throwing a limited-time Spring Sale that’ll save you up to 40% on both OceanWP Pro Bundle and Ocean eCommerce Pro plans. Once you see the list of upcoming features, you’ll know for sure you really don’t want to miss this opportunity!

We can’t wait to see what stunning content creations you’ll cook up with our new features. Be sure to share your feedback in the comments below.

Happy Spring, and happy website building!

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