In this new version of the theme and several extensions, many things have been improved and added, always to give you more control and flexibility.

Pro Demos

For a while I was talking about making new demos, here are 16 news, 4 Corporates, 4 One Page, 3 eCommerce and 5 Coming Soon. Its new demos are available for users who have purchased the Core Extensions Bundle to thank you for your support.
Other demos will be added in the future. Importing the demos is exactly the same as for free demos, you just need to download the Ocean Pro Demos extension available in the bundle, install it on your site, click on the new Pro Demos tab in Theme Panel, and click on the demo you want to import.

Custom Hamburgers Buttons

A new select is added in the Header > Mobile Menu section of the customizer to allow you to replace the bars icon of the default mobile menu link with a custom hamburger button, several effects are available. You can see all the animations on the author site:
Only the “Emphatic” effect was not added because it caused a problem.

Ocean Sticky Header

Several big improvements have been made to this extension starting with the complete rewrite of the JavaScript code, in the previous version I used a script to fix the header during the scroll, this script became obsolete and caused problems on Iphone and Ipad, it was deleted and the code improved, no more problem on its devices.

A new Sticky option is present to allow you to manually fix an item in the header, this option has been specially created for the Custom Header style, if you have a large header and you only want to stick the navigation during the scroll, now it is possible, as on this demo:
Two effects were added, as requested by several users:

Do not hesitate to ask me for other effects, if it is possible, I would do it in a future update.

Ocean Side Panel

This extension has also benefited from several improvements, a new select field is available to allow you to replace the panel contents with a template created via Theme Panel > My Library as in this demo:
A Breakpoints option is added to allow you to hide the side panel to the media query you want, you can also choose a custom media query or never hide the side panel.
As with the mobile menu, it is also possible to choose a custom hamburger button for the opening button.
Some users have asked me to add an option to put the opening button next to the panel, now, it is done, a new field is added to allow you to display the opening button in the main menu, next to the panel or manually via a shortcode as mentioned below.
A shortcode has been created, it is possible to add the opening button where you want via the [osp_btn] shortcode, more info: If you want to add the opening button to the top bar, simply add the shortcode and select Manual Position in the Opening Button Position field to remove it from the main menu.

What Else?

Several things, a new field has been added in the Top Bar > Content section of the customizer to allow you to replace the content with a template created via Theme Panel > My Library.
A new 404 Error Page section has been added in General Options with two new options, Layout allowing you to choose between Full Width and Full Screen, and Blank Page to allow you to delete all items on the page (top bar, header, footer, etc …) and display only the content, so you have complete control of the 404 page if you want to replace the content with a template.
A new select field in Header > Menu allows you to choose a post type for the header search form, for example, if you have an eCommerce site, now you can select the product post type and the header search form will be only for search your products.
I created a better style for the search results page, very simple with a thumbnail on the side.

All header styles options are now directly into the Header > General section instead of a separate section for each styles:


Tell me what you think about this new update and what you think about the new demos.

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  1. panduan

    Awesome update, i’m big fan this ocean theme and very excited with this new features.. thank you so much for your great effort

  2. Verdi Heinz

    Awesome update Nick. Really like the new Search Results Page, the added flexibility for the top menu, Side Panel and 404 page. Great work!

  3. Sasha-Shae

    Awesome updates!! Any plans to make the Slide Out bar be available on Mobile too? Is it possible? It would be awesome if on mobile devices we could have a slide-out panel replace the menu that way we essentially are able to create custom mobile menus easily.

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Thank you 🙂
      You mean for the Slide sticky effect? Yes you can add it for mobile too, you just need to add the sticky on mobile.

  4. David Wilks

    It’s a great theme Nicolas. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use anything else 🙂

  5. Paul

    Came here from Elementor site. Best theme I have seen. Switched from Divi Theme to OceanWP+Elementor

  6. Ade Iskandar

    how can i buy pro themes?

  7. Albert

    Hi Nicolas… Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and efforts. This is a wonderful theme and I really appreciate how generous you have been with the free customizer options and demos. Cheers.

  8. Michalis

    Hi there Nick, I have updated the theme to the new version and also the wordpress to 4.9.1 but in the front end the menu dosent show but in the customizer is showing. Whats the problem?

  9. eric

    Wow, you did an awesome job! I love all of OceanWP

  10. Rainier

    On the OceanWP “Theme Panel” > “Install Demos” only LIMITED demos/themes can be installed, they are; Architect, Blogger, Coach, Gym, Lawyer, Lingerie, Megagym, Personal, Simple, Store, Stylish, Travel, and Yoga.


    May I know how to install those missing demos/themes.

    1. Hi, the pro demos are available when you buy any plan of the Core Extensions Bundle, then you just need to install the OCean Pro Demos and you will see all the demos 🙂

  11. Juanp

    I have a problem with Medical Pro Demo, Home not work, the page not import good, other pages is OK

    1. Hello, this is a problem with Elementor, I contacted them about this, they told me that they have solved this issue in the next release.

  12. Elisa Prashad

    Hi there, kinda new to WordPress, just designed my first site using OceanWP.
    I’m trying to download your ‘blogger’ layout for a blog on my site. Can’t find info online on how to do it once you’ve installed and added/imported it. Do you create a Blog page and drop it in ? Or do you access is from Blog settings on dashboard?

    Maybe this is not free, demo means pay for the full version, not sure, help is very much appreciated !!! Elisa

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, you just need to install Ocean Demo Import on your site, then go to Theme Panel > Install Demo and install the Blogger demo.

  13. Andrew Huber

    Hi there I really enjoy all the demos. They give me great ideas when building new sites. Please design more.

  14. Ferdiden

    Hello, you need to buy a plan of the Core Extensions Bundle, you will have all pro demos.

    1. MarkoS

      Hi there, thanks for reaching out. That’s correct, in order to get access to all premium full site templates (pro demos), you need to purchase an OceanWP Pro Bundle (Core Extensions Bundle) plan. Besides templates, you all get all OceanWP premium features utilized in those templates

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