So you started a blog. It looks pretty nice and you invest a huge effort to produce high-qualtiy content on a daily basis.

But not many visitors arrive at the website. Why is that the case? Without proper promotion, even the best content has low chances to reach a great audience.

The 2019 Blogger Statistics study published by GrowthBadger is pretty clear on the importance of marketing. 70% of bloggers who earn over $50K per year said they were active or very active in the promotion of their content.

All successful blogs are heavily promoted. Sure; they are also awesome in terms of content and design. But it’s promotion that brings them the traffic.

So how do you do it?

That’s a tough question that requires an in-depth guide. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

The Complete Guide to Blog Promotion

1. Technical SEO Is an Essential Aspect of the Promotion Process

When most bloggers think about promoting, they focus on content and marketing. They will get a paper essay service to complete more content for them, so they will have something extra to share with their audience. They will include all the right keywords and they will hit the social media with their links.

That’s okay.

But before you start promoting, you need something outstanding to promote. These are the technicalities that you shouldn’t neglect:

  • Reliable hosting

  • Utmost security

  • Speed at all pages and on all functions

  • A great multi-purpose theme with all needed premium extensions

  • Functional links

Speaking of technical SEO you should also use Google Analytics to monitor the blog’s performance.

When you get these things right, your content marketing will work. The search engine will consider your website as useful, and it will start offering it as a relevant result to a user’s search.

2. On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Lauren Ledure, marketing advisor for various custom writing services, explains: “Bloggers rarely see SEO as part of their promotional efforts, but that’s exactly what it is. When you use the right keywords and you optimize the site’s elements, you’re promoting your website to search engines.”

These are the on-site elements that need keyword optimization:

  • The URL

  • The title and description

  • The main heading and few subheadings

  • The images

  • The content itself

But when you’re using keywords, you shouldn’t go too far. Use too many of them and you’ll easily be labeled as a spammer.

If you have no idea how to do proper search engine optimization, it’s best to hire marketing experts from a service like Brill Assignment. This is an assignment writing service, but the writers and editors can work on all kinds of projects, including SEO tasks. You can also check out Upwork – a platform where you can hire skilled freelancers for all types of marketing tasks.

3. Let the Real Promotion Begin: Use Social Media!

Of course; social media is inevitable. It gives you tons of space for free promotion. You can share links to your blog, invite your followers to respond to surveys, and encourage them to join the discussion under a blog post.

But some paid advertising is also needed. Facebook prefers user-generated content, and your presence on Instagram will require some influencer collaboration.

Let’s specify the details about social media promotion:

  • Choose the platforms where your audience is active the most. Be present on a daily basis, but don’t spam.

  • Instagram stories are great! You can show your face as a blogger, talk about relevant issues and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

  • Don’t forget that Reddit and Quora are part of social media, too. Search these networks for questions that you can answer. Then, answer them through in-depth posts on your blog. You’ll answer on Reddit and Quora, but the content will be shorter and you’ll leave the link for everyone who wants to know more.

  • Influencer marketing is the bomb. If your posts get promoted by someone who people love to follow, you’ll notice a huge boost in traffic.

4. Guest Blogs Are Your Ticket to Boosted Performance

You just wrote an awesome post for your blog? You can’t sit and wait for other bloggers to start linking to it. You can do part of the work, too.

Almost all popular blogs from your niche will accept guest posts. Offer them! You’ll write useful content and you’ll include the link to your post where it fits the most. Some blogs will also allow you to feature a link to your site in the bio.

You want to get genuine links from other bloggers? You’ll encourage them if you publish highly useful guides, studies, survey results, and in-depth content that present you as an authority.

5. Don’t Forget about Email Marketing

Whenever someone reads a useful post on your website, you get a chance to keep them coming back. Pop-ups are boring, but also useful in some situations. You can promise a white paper or eBook to trigger the reader’s interest. When you provide something of great value, they will love to sign up.

However, you’ll have to keep providing value. Don’t send plain emails that feature links to your blog. Make them really special in terms of design and content. It’s great to offer something only for your subscribers, so they will see that getting all those messages in their inbox serves them a good purpose.

And that was your general guide on how to promote a blog. It seems simple, but each of the points listed above carries along many other aspects. When you start working on your email marketing campaign, you’ll discover endless nuances and you’ll experiment with different techniques. It’s the same with SEO, social media marketing, and all other types of promotion.

So focus, be ready to do a lot of work, and do it!

Justin Osborne

Justin Osborne is a writer at Assignmentgeek and Edugeeksclub, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as a content marketer at EssayWritingLab and Assignment Holic Service.

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