It is impossible to give a short and concise answer to the question, “How to increase traffic?” because there are many ways to increase it. That is why we decided to prepare for you this material – a convenient cheat sheet with most known methods of extracting traffic. We may have missed something, but in any case, this is one of the most comprehensive articles on this topic, and we hope it will be useful to you.

#1 Make your content readable

Search engines and users love long and complete articles that provide all the information they need. Now the problem is that people have a short attention span. A slight difficulty in reading or understanding will alienate your users, and they will leave without looking at all the useful information that you have offered.

Making your texts readable is important not only for you as a blog owner, but for those who are faced with academic writing. Readability is an important thing if you want to get a good grade. Getting good grades is significant if you care about your GPA. To learn how good you were during the semester, use a special GPA calculator.

#2 Focus on semantics

Collect the widest possible semantic core. Include all types of search queries there – not only HF, but also MF and LF. Make a competent structure of the site and start gradually working out the collected keywords. Sort key phrases intelligently. Think first about what words your audience will search for the information they need.

#2 Pay attention to organic search traffic

Of course, you want to write about what worries you right now. It could be a hot topic in the industry, a release of new features, or even just chatter. Do not do this. Try asking yourself a simple question: will this article bring me traffic in two years? How? In nine out of ten cases, the hot topic will quickly lose its “shelf life.” If you can write about topics that people are looking for month after month, and at the same time move your articles to the top of Google search results, then the traffic will not disappear.

#3 Focus on topics with high potential for business

Traffic is a useless metric. It means almost nothing to your business. I’ll explain now. You’ve probably heard of HubSpot, one of the largest providers of marketing software. Like many similar companies, they have a blog that is visited monthly by millions of readers from Google Search. But can you guess which of their articles brings them the most search traffic?

If your product is suitable for a specific audience, then the content at the top of the funnel can bring more conversions. In addition, a good article can help the reader to go from the top of the funnel to the conversion (actually buying) in less than 1000 characters.

#4 Focus on the quality, uniqueness, and credibility of the content

It is very important that you focus on search traffic and topics which have business potential. But there is one last ingredient – great content. If you neglect it, you will not see progress. I, like you, hate such vague, general advice. For example, what is “great content”? Isn’t your content “great” yet? And how do you know that it is not?

It is clear that the criteria for quality is subjective. Nevertheless, stick to such parameters:

  • It is well written: flawless grammar, understandable structure, and step-by-step descriptions, examples, and so on are provided.
  • It is visually attractive: it has a nice design, high-quality images, stylish typography, and so on.
  • It solves a problem: how well the content formulates a solution, how deeply it penetrates the problem, and so on.

I know people who do not have enough patience to finish reading an article. That is, the author of the article deliberately did not try to keep the attention of the reader.

Publish materials regularly. It is desirable to publish no less than two times a week. In the absence of results for one or even several months, do not stop, and do not lose speed. It’s going to take some time for blogging to work. Just accept it as a fact. Write about what you really understand and what really can be useful to your users.

Publish content at the same time. This will develop a habit for your audience to read your blog regularly, to keep up with updates.

#5 Always promote content

As a result, you should have content that:

  • Has high business potential.
  • Has high potential for search traffic.
  • Is high quality and unique.

If you rely on ranking by your target search queries (and on attracting organic traffic), you still need to promote your content.

More visitors = more backlinks.

More backlinks = higher positions.

Higher positions = more free organic traffic.

Ways to promote your articles:

  • adding to Reddit and other relevant communities
  • email newsletters
  • posting on all social networks
  • asking to repost articles of experts who are mentioned in the article

For example, you can get a good surge in traffic when you send new published articles to your email subscribers. But this traffic is not reproduced – it is a one-time thing. That’s why the main goal is to always be high on Google search results in order to get passive search traffic to your article. Therefore, do not stop promoting your article just because you have no items left in the content promotion checklist.

You can use these scalable strategies to promote your articles and get backlinks:

  • outreach
  • paid advertising (ads on Facebook and other places)

When you have great content, you don’t even need to promote it much. It is distributed by itself. And remember that the more visitors there are, the more traffic you will have. And then a chain reaction will take place: more backlinks, higher positions, and an increase in organic traffic. This will not happen if your content is mediocre – in this case, no advertising campaign will help.

John McGill

I'm a freelance writer from New York. I'm interested in the field of academic writing, marketing and journalism. I like to share experience in my articles for sites and blogs.

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  1. David

    Thank you for your post. I haven’t read it all yet, just wanted to comment the following:
    A. You have two #2 items.
    B. What’s HF, MF and LF that are mentioned under “#2 Focus on semantics”?

  2. mark

    These are really very great methods to increase traffic. But if all these things will be done in a correct manner.

  3. Melissa Haley

    A blog can’t be incomplete if you haven’t shared the images, because just text make the person get board within free second so add images and graph if needed as Wikipedia do

  4. edwardalex125

    Thanks for sharing the information, As a Wikipedia page creator I would love to apply these tricks to my website.

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