More than just a photo sharing app for the smartphone generation, Instagram is a phenomenon in the world of social media. With its radical visual orientation, it has managed to amass a monthly active user base of more than one billion. For obvious reasons, this represents a huge opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers and impress them with their brand values in a creative, visual, and engaging manner. It is very easy to make a business account on Instagram, however, reveals that most of the 25 million businesses have discovered; it is not so easy to establish a vibrant presence and wow your target audience. Some tips for boosting your Instagram presence in 2019:

Select the Instagram Account Aesthetics

On Instagram, appearance is the first and often the deciding point of engagement with followers. As a business, you need to be very careful in adopting an account aesthetic that is synergistic with your brand identity, as this will help in easy recognition and memorability. It will also help you to catch the eyeballs of the right kind of target audience who may already be familiar with your brand and create a community that is more engaged. To maintain a consistent look, you should select one or two filters that work for your brand and use them on every photo that you post to achieve a uniform look to help your posts to stand out among the clutter and earn real Instagram likes.

Be Choosy About Your Content

Instagram audiences are very picky so you should make it a point to only post very high-quality photos of things that are relevant to the target audience. It may help to get the photos professionally shot to maintain the high quality that is expected. Posting user-generated content is a good way of building engagement but ensure they adhere to your brand values. There is a general preference for videos so use as much as you can with proper hashtags to boost engagement.

Focus On Interaction

The key to success on Instagram is audience involvement so it is important to use crisp captions along with your photos that will make them feel that they are a part of the story. Whenever your followers make comments or inquire about something, you should always make it a point to respond to them quickly. It is also essential that you engage with them with proper responses to complaints to reduce negative word of mouth and improve loyalty. A very effective way of strengthening your connection with followers is to go live. Use these sessions to establish your domain authority not an opportunity to sell your products.


Connecting with your target audiences and boosting engagement is a function of how well you curate your content and also follow a proper posting schedule that allows the maximum number of customers to view your posts. Along with normal images and videos, using Instagram Stories is also a proven way of building customer engagement. Follow the best practices of your competition but do not emerge as a me-too; instead, carve out your own identity.

Walter Moore

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing.

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