WordPress is one of the simplest sites to use. There are a certain elegance and simplicity that cannot be matched by other platforms. That’s why it is commonly suggested by app builders. But what happens when it is time to meet with app builders and find a place within the world of WordPress?

While it is one of the most popular platforms currently available, there are many who struggle to stand out in the marketplace. Luckily, there are some simple ways out to make a name for oneself. It all starts with an honest assessment. Is the site that is being created actually going to solve a real problem that is taking place?

In other words, the site cannot be a copy. The best WordPress sites are based around a singular idea. Is the site new and unique? Does it aim to solve a common problem that cannot be solved anywhere else? Once these questions have been answered in the affirmative, it is time to meet with app builders and WordPress web developers to learn more about the next step.

The themes and plugins that are chosen must reflect the site’s unique sensibilities. For example, an eCommerce site is going to rely on different plugins than a typical blogger would. That’s why so many sites are now relying on custom themes. However, these themes are not always accepted right away.

In order to find a place within the world of WordPress, the client must be willing to accept some honest criticism. Even the top WordPress sites go through a similar process. Those who have decided to choose an exclusive theme will often go through a series of rejections before they are finally approved.

Enduring these rejections may seem simple enough but it can be difficult for site runners to receive this sort of honest feedback. If a theme is going to be rejected multiple times by a team of experienced reviews, it takes a thick skin to be able to handle it. This is something that app builders will always warn their clients against as well.

When a client is willing to learn from their experiences, they are able to create better themes. Clients who are not able to accept feedback on their customized themes are going to struggle over the long haul. If the theme does not suit thousands of browsers, it is far more likely to be rejected. No one should be creating with one singular customer in mind.

Staying hungry over the long haul is also crucial. App builders will always recommend taking the time to create new products and this advice is invaluable. Even if a WordPress site that has already been crafted is starting to generate money from the chosen themes, a site runner cannot rest on their laurels. New marketing strategies must be pursued on a regular basis.

The best advice that can be given in these scenarios is to burrow as far into a niche as possible, without losing sight of the bigger picture. This can be a tough balance to strike. By taking the time to cater to certain niches, a WordPress site can steer clear of the issues that are associated with overcrowding.

One of the more common techniques for locating niches that are in need of content is a rather simple one. When it comes time to create a theme, be sure to take a closer look at the categories that are lacking before meeting with developers and app builders. If there are any key categories that do not have themes, this is a sure sign that there is a need for a WordPress site.

Being the first author to create themes in certain categories is the goal that WordPress site runners should be shooting for. Those who take the time to focus on the categories that have the least amount of available themes are always going to be more successful than those who are trying to make their way into a crowded niche.

Some might wonder how they are supposed to find inspiration when there are no themes to choose from. This is where the true challenge comes into play. As a wise man once said, if there is no else to take inspiration from, this is an indicator that the site runner is doing something right. Doing something right often means doing it without having a road map to copy from.

Lastly, the site runner will want to seek out as much honest feedback from the users of their site as possible. Real people offer real insights that cannot be neglected. Many projects of this nature are actually inspired by the musings of site users. These users offer feedback when it comes to the issues that they are facing on a regular basis.

Any WordPress site runner that neglects this information is placing themselves in a very difficult position. Avoiding the generic is what it is all about. After all, browsers are not going to return to a site that does not actually solve a problem that they are currently enduring.

No successful WordPress site should ever rest on their laurels. By remaining open-minded throughout each step of the process, a site runner is able to sidestep the problems that are usually indicative of a poorly designed and maintained site. All it takes is a relatively small level of investment to get the necessary results. Stay open-minded and receptive to any and all information.

Harnil Oza

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