Several weeks have passed since the last update, I hope you will enjoy the new features and enhancements of this new release of the theme and most extensions.

Mobile Menu Improvement

As several members of the facebook group have asked me, I have created two mobile menu styles in addition to the default style 🙂
You can display your mobile menu in Sidebar, Drop Down or Full Screen.

Another thing I’ve been working on is the mobile menu breakpoint, in this version you can now choose from what screen size you want to hide the navigation to display the link to open the mobile menu.

My Library Post Type

You can see a new tab in Theme Panel, this custom post type was created for the creation of a custom header, custom footer, custom footer callout, custom 404 page, etc, previously created via the page post type. This will allow you to not see its pages in your search results page or sitemap.

Why did you create this post type instead of using the page builders library?
The answer is very simple, it would have asked for too many codes. Creating a My Library post type in Theme Panel is much more simplier, it is fully compatible with popular page builders and the templates are very simple to retrieve via the customizer.

New Widgets in Ocean Elementor Widgets

Several new widgets have been added in the premium extension Ocean Elementor Widgets. Its widgets have been specially designed for the Custom Header style, a logo widget, a navigation widget with several styling options, an ajax search widget, ideal for eCommerce sites that would like to display a search in their header, and a Logged In/Out widget, this widget allows you to display a menu, text or shortcodes for logged in and logged out users, for example you can display a login/register link when the user is logged out and a my account link when he will be connected.

French Translation

Most extensions have been translated into French, a big thanks to Jean of

Video Tutorials

I started creating video tutorials on the official OceanWP YouTube channel.
I would make more and more videos so do not hesitate to subscribe to the channel to not miss anything.
You can also propose me videos that you would like to see, I will create two more videos on how to create a custom header and footer.

What Else?

OceanWP is now fully compatible with PHP 7.1.

For the logo, a Max Height field has been added in the customizer, if your logo is too big and you use the Ocean Sticky Header extension, when you scroll and go the top of your site, your logo will grow for one second, with the Max Height option, you just have to enter the height you do not want to exceed and there will be no more this bug.

The Scripts & Styles feature has been greatly improved. The old method was to add the CSS and JS code of the theme manually to the Ocean Extra plugin so that this feature works correctly, the problem with this method is that I sometimes forgot to add the CSS or JS in the plugin which was causing some issues. With the new code, the JS files are directly taken from the theme and for the CSS, the SCSS files are converted into a single CSS file, you will see no difference on your side but it will save me a lot of time 🙂

The Next/Prev and Related Posts can now be displayed by category or tag.
A checkbox field has been added in the General Options > General Settings section of the customizer to allow you to completely disable the theme’s schema markup.
You can now display your posts with the Recent Posts widget even if your posts do not have featured images.


Tell me in the comments what you think about this update.
Do not hesitate to propose me what features you would like to see in the theme or in an extension.

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  1. Marco

    Very good Nick! We all appreciate the new features and commitment!

    Is this version compatible with version 1.6 of Elementor, which came out as well?

    I ask you to see if it is possible to separate the cart menu from the main menu, so we can add it anywhere in the header.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I use Elementor 1.6 and I have seen no problems.
      For the menu cart, go to the WooCommerce > Menu Cart section of the customizer and select Disabled in the Display field.

  2. Pritush

    Great update. Kudos.
    Ocean WP is definitely making paid themes sweat. 🙂

  3. Verdi

    Really awesome update Nick. Almost wish I was not on vacation, so I could play with all new possibilities some more 🙂

  4. Jens

    One of the best themes out there! Thanks, Nicolas! Great work … awesome. Review is on the way!

  5. David Wilks

    Hi Nicolas and thanks for your valuable efforts. It’s a great theme and just keeps getting better.

  6. jorgebarrero

    I translated OceanWP to Spanish (I used loco and uploaded the files in the translation repository on WP) I have a translation of hooks too, How do I upload it. (As many Spanis files I did it on Venezuela, but can be used for other countries as well)

    1. Hello, thank you for that 🙂
      For the premium extensions, you need to send me the files and I will add them in the next releases.

  7. Deduice

    After update of both the OceanWP theme and Elementor builder, I can’t import either saved page or template from Elementor Library. I don’t know why is that.

    Please help out.


    1. Hi, please open a support ticket for any support question.
      To be sure if the issue come from OceanWP, try with another theme, if you have the same issue, contact Elementor.

    2. Marwane

      Hello can you please tell me how can I change the placeholder of my mobile menu search oceanwp theme ??

  8. Mike

    Is there a way to have the mobile menu open by default on larger screens?
    I’m thinking of a sidebar menu site, where the content scrolls, but the sidebar is fixed. But when the screen size is tablet or below the mobile menu is collapsed.
    Thanks for any hints 🙂

    1. Hello, you can enter a custom media query size where you want to display the mobile menu.
      What you want is maybe the Side Panel extension where you can add widgets so custom menu.

  9. n

    Hi, Great work..!
    (une petite typo dans l’affichage des résultats de recherche: “5 Résultats de recher trouvés”; vous avez oublié un “che”..)

  10. Patrick Fermin

    Nick, out of all the “light” themes I’ve tried to pair with Elementor (generatepress, astra, hestia, pagebuilderframework, etc.), I found yours to be hands-down the best. Most of them are either customizable but too bloated, or the options they provide are lacking. Your theme has the perfect combination. It’s a breeze to customize, while staying extremely lightweight. Best of all, it’s FREE! I hope your theme gets a lot more attention. You absolutely deserve it.

    Couple of questions though, wondering if it’s in your pipeline to add the following functionalities:
    * Use a different header type for a specific page. For example, I would like to have a “transparent” header for my home page, then “minimal” for everything else.
    * Universal social media links that is also compatible with Elementor. For example, any facebook links on the page will go to a link that we will set in the customizer.

    Again, your theme is amazing and I can’t thank you enough.


    1. Hello Patrick, thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it 🙂
      The theme is becoming more and more known, I hope it will continue that way.

      1. Yes, I will try to see how to do it, I am currently working on several demos for user who have purchased the Core Extensions Bundle, then I will see how to allow the selection of a header style per page/post via the OceanWP Settings metabox.
      Why this feature is not already available is because some header styles options cannot be inserted in the metabox so I need to see how to do.
      It is in my pipeline, you can be sure that will be a future feature of the theme 🙂

      2. There is already a social widget in Elementor and a social share widget in Elmentor Pro. I do not want to create widgets that are already present in the plugin.
      I’ve created similar widgets in Ocean Elementor Widgets like pricing tables, blog grid, etc, because I released my plugin before their Pro version. Now, I am careful to make widgets that they do not offer so as not to harm their business.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook if you have more questions 🙂
      (You can also join the group if you have not already done so)

      PS: Do not forget to leave 5 star on the WordPress repository, that would be very nice.

      Thank you!

      1. Patrick Fermin

        Thanks for your quick response! Glad that feature may be coming. Really appreciate your hard work. Liked your facebook page and left a review. You’re awesome bud.

  11. Vijay

    Can disable mobile view in ocean theme or elementor page builder

      1. john_kieffer

        Hello, Want to disable responsive for mobile too.


  12. quangbahoa

    Nicolas Lecocq,

    How to disable archive for My Library?


  13. Dan

    Hi Nicolas, your theme has made my work a lot easier. Thank you. Can I suggest that you add more styling options for the mega menu. Such as border radius, menu item labels, animation effects, delay options, gradients, background images etc.

  14. Oscar

    Hi Nicolas
    Can I set the mobile menu be expended by default instead of pressing the plus sign?

  15. Chaudes

    Hey there is it possible to replace the mobile menu with Side Panel. Or instead of hiding it in certain breakpoint make it show on tablet and mobile but not on desktop and hide the mobile menu instead? As far as i can see it has great features because of widgets.

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, it can be possible with some custom code, open a support ticket and we will give you the code.

    1. Hello, yes, it is possible with custom css, create a support ticket and add your site url, I will give you the css code.

  16. mdv

    After the site transition from http to https, the mobile menu stopped working. In Google chrome it says: “unsafe scripts are blocked”, if you click “load unsafe scripts” menu appears, but the site goes into “Unsafe” mode and is highlighted in red. The mobile menu stopped working at all from the smartphone. How can this be corrected ? Thanks.

  17. Ian Cordero

    how do I go about editing the mobile menu ( currently have it set to Full Screen ) but dont know how to change the font style or size for that matter…. site is being locally developed .

  18. TheFinanceDazzlers

    Hi, my menu buttons work really good but when an Item has a dropdown menu and I move the mouse to another Item in the main menu, it takes 2-3 seconds so basically looks like both items are under hoover properties, How can I modify this??? Thanks a lot!

  19. Caprain cone

    Any custom css that can move the searchbar top of the mobile drop-down menu? Or can I show the searchbar always beside the togle

  20. Chandan Soni

    My Ocean WP Mobile menu is not showing .& Cart icon not showing properly . Please help me .

    1. We are sorry for the inconvenience, please open a support ticket so that we can take a look at this.

  21. Sameer

    after installing the “WP -Rocket” dropdown menu not working on mobile in post pages. Any solution.

  22. Martha

    The last weeks evry day a bug in this theme. Mega elements in blog entries does not work, no catergory’s are showing and no fuetured pictures. Work a whole day, afther I refresh my database. When I start again the same problems. It works not fine with Elementor i Think.

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