Calling all geeks, nerds, designers, website owners and everybody else. If you’re into WordPress, we know you’ll love the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest!

It’s time for another OceanWP annual Web Design Fest. Except, this time, we’re making it bigger – from speakers all the way down to freebies and prizes.

It’s probably unnecessary, but let’s take a step back and discuss the importance of web design briefly.

What is web design?

Most people think “well, it’s just a website, how hard can it be?”. But, we know all you web designers, website owners and developers are sometimes struggling because you know the truth. Web design is not just throwing a few things on the page and call it a day. Web design impacts how your audience, visitors, customers and everybody else perceives your brand.

Web design is all about the first impressions. And it’s that first impression that will determine whether or not someone will stay on your page to learn more and eventually close the deal or simply move on.

Here at OceanWP we’re focused on providing you with the best possible WordPress tools that will help you build an astonishing and complete website, even for free, whether you’re a beginner or professional. However, we also know you need more. So this is us, helping you broaden your perspectives, enhancing your skills, learning new things about branding, graphic and web design and applying on your projects.

OceanWP Web Design Summit banner

Welcome to the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest

On September 7th 2022, 9AM – 4:30PM EDT / 2PM – 9:30PM BST we’ll hold the OceanWP annual Web Design Fest. This is an online event and will be held via Zoom. A small hint, you don’t need to have the Zoom client installed on your PC and can join using a browser.

We’ll start the event by lectures from our prominent speakers.

Vaibhav Singh (PhD) will give a lecture on Modern Web Typography. Vaibhav is a leading typographic researcher and has designed fonts for many well-known companies, including Adobe and Google. In his lecture, Vaibhav will share insights and typographic inspirations from some of his recent projects, and introduce the processes involved in designing fonts for modern web design.

Amanda Duffin will give a lecture on Branding 101. Amanda is an educator and a branding expert. Amanda will teach you how to understand unique sales proposals and create a unique design language around them. In her lecture, Amanda will share ideas everyone can use to create a more coherent visual identity.

Our keynote speaker is one of Hollywood’s giants, and you are all familiar with his timeless work. Dan Perri will give a lecture on Creative Process. Dan is a world-renowned designer and will share stories on the creative process behind the most iconic movie title designs, including Star Wars, Raging Bull and more.

preview of Dan Perri's movie title designs for the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest

Following lectures, we’ll hold 3 OceanWP workshops.

Workshop #1: How to make use of OceanWP WordPress template demos to launch a website.

Workshop #2: Implementing a design from Adobe XD or Figma.

Workshop #3: Advanced OceanWP Customizer settings, new features, free third-party tools to help enhance your web design experience.

All workshops will be held and lead by Matthew Turner, Lead Content Creator at OceanWP and your host of the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest.

How to Get a Ticket for the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest

Tickets for the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest are available online for purchase.

If you own an OceanWP Bundle license, you can apply for a free ticket! All you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.

If you don’t have a Bundle license, here’s your chance! We’ll give away 30 free tickets to people who comment on this post and are interested in learning about web design and OceanWP.

How do tickets work? When you buy or receive a ticket, you will receive a confirmation to your mailbox. On the day of the event, you will also receive another email with a token that will allow you to join the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest online event.

OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest Freebies and Prizes

What kind of an event would it be without some prizes or freebies? 😉 Our event partners have made sure to maximize your experience.

The main prize will be one free 9-week graphic design program tuition worth $650, thanks to our main sponsor and partner Masters Design Lab.

Masters Design Lab logo, main OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest sponsor

Other prizes include (but are not limited to):

We’d also like to use this opportunity and thank all OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest partners who are helping with making this event bigger and richer.

OceanWP Web Design Fest partners

Here’s a big shout out to Masters Design Lab, Crocoblock, Visual Composer, Weglot, HubSpot, Cloudways, Toolset and WPML.

And let’s not forget! We’re giving away 30 free tickets for the OceanWP 2022 Web Design Fest to everyone who don’t have an OceanWP Bundle license, but are interested in the event and comment on this post 😉

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  1. Corrette

    I’ve been using OceanWP since I migrated my websites to WordPress years ago. It’s an awesome theme, and I would really like to attend the Web Design Fest!

    1. MarkoS

      Hi Corrette! Thank you for building with OceanWP and for taking interest in our event 🙂 We sent you a ticket directly via Eventbrite, so please check your mailbox (spam folder too, just in case).

      See you at the event!

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