When I was asked to help manage OceanWP, I found a fantastic team of talented people who needed direction. OceanWP was a big ship, but the former captain was lost, and the one that replaced him did not perform.

Sometimes managing a product is just about pointing the ship in a direction. I was happy to see almost all of the team, and I saw this eye to eye, the ones who did not, well, had to go.

With the help of Amit, Marko and the team that grew, we started to turn the ship around. We added more support people, cleaned the code, went vanilla JS and much more. At some point, the founder of OceanWP wanted to return; we were happy to get him back (he did not volunteer and got paid). While his contribution to development and management was minimal, we did advise him on our plans and got his support on EVERYTHING we planned.

As the ship was turning around, we also added more QA and support people and added many new features and demos, fixed bugs, re-branded, did an excellent webinar on branding, and much more.

OceanWP now has a comprehensive roadmap with a lot of new features and ideas; we are working on a lot of unique projects, designs, demos, webinars, and tutorials. We are not just a “theme” but an organization dedicated to our users, and as such, we value your support and listen to your ideas and critique. Our backers are giving us 100% support and are with us for the long run.

I am proud to say OceanWP is performing at a very high level, but we always more for our users. We are currently hiring more developers and designers, and we are working on enhancing the theme. If you are a user and happy with our product, that’s great, but we are just starting. If you tried us two years ago and were not satisfied, please give us another try.

We have a brand new OceanWP Facebook community! Join the developers, support team, OceanWP users and share your love and questions.

As a community of open code developers and users, it is essential we respect each other and each other’s work. We are here to do good. Any company starting their way by slandering their former teammates is starting on the wrong foot and karma they say is a bitch.
Stay tuned for some more news from us and happy Black Friday!

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    Thanks for providing recent updates regarding the concern, I look forward to reading more. Happy Black Friday!

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