In a few weeks, OceanWP will make the transition from selling with Easy Digital Downloads to Freemius.

You may ask yourself, why this change? The simple answer is that Freemius is much better than Easy Digital Downloads in many ways.

I’ve been thinking of making the switch for a long time, and after extensive discussion with Vova Feldman (the founder of Freemius), I discovered that Freemius will be much better for OceanWP and for the people we care about the most: You – our customers.

Below are some important points to help you understand why we made this decision and what upcoming changes there will be to OceanWP’s platform.

1. License Activation

Many of our users have been reporting issues with license key activation. Obviously, this is a very important part of OceanWP’s premium extensions, as the license key allows you to get updates directly from our platform to your websites. With Freemius, license key activations will work smoothly and the process will be easier than it was before.

2. Free Trials & Deactivation Feedback

For OceanWP users who want to try premium extensions but are afraid they may not fit their needs, it will now be possible to try all premium extensions for 7 days, no credit card required. There will be nothing to lose by trying the products out. If you like the extensions, you can easily upgrade to keep using them 🙂
If you choose to deactivate any of our products, please kindly leave feedback on the deactivation form. It helps us improve and meet your expectations better in the future!

3. The Unlimited Plan will be the Agency Plan

The main change here is that the Agency plan will offer you the possibility to activate licenses on up to 25 websites instead of an unlimited number of websites. Don’t worry, if you bought the Unlimited plan before the switch, your license will be grandfathered-in and your activation limit will not change. Why are we getting rid of the Unlimited plan? We’ve discovered that the vast majority of users who bought the plan were not using it for more than 20 websites.

Furthermore, having an unlimited license increases our support load and responsibility disproportionately to the value of OceanWP’s products and the customer support required for larger companies. So, as a young company who needs to keep growing to meet demand for our products, we’ve decided it’s best to have a special onboarding process for larger agencies who need more than 25 licenses. Please contact our team for enterprise solutions at [email protected] and we’ll surely find a way to accommodate your needs.

This changes is not live yet but will be soon, so if you want to take advantage of the Unlimited plan when you still can, with our Memorial Day offer, get 45% OFF for a limited time for a new purchase or an upgrade, just click the button below:

4. New User Dashboard

We will also transition to the Freemius User Dashboard to give you much more control over your account. You’ll be able to manage your payment methods, licenses, subscriptions, downloads, profile & billing information, and view your active website installations. Many of the features in the old account area will remain the same, they will just look different.

5. Rebuilding OceanWP’s Affiliate Program

The affiliate program will have an awesome upgrade. With the new affiliate program from Freemius, affiliates will be able to advertise the free OceanWP theme on the repository using a unique custom URL. When new users of the free theme upgrade to a premium extension, the commission will continue to be tracked and earned by the affiliate.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to market a free product, there are actually much higher conversion rates in the WordPress ecosystem using the “freemium” pricing model, so affiliates will likely earn more as a result.

Because of this and other factors, we believe our conversion rates will increase after our switch to Freemius, which should have a big benefit to OceanWP affiliates. Here are a few other impactful reasons behind this belief:
  • Offering free trials gives users the opportunity to try before they buy
  • We have more flexibility with adjusting our pricing options with Freemius, so in the future we can experiment and see what works best for our customers
  • Automated cart abandonment recovery emails will remind customers to return and purchase or upgrade products for which they started checkout
  • A “dunning” mechanism that reminds users about renewals will reduce failed payments and churn rates
  • When users deactivate OceanWP products, a feedback form will now pop up so we can now learn where we need to improve on our products

All existing affiliates will need to apply for the new program. We will be much more selective on who can join our affiliate program as the terms will be more relaxed (meaning you can make more money!).

In the old program through AffiliateWP, bundles were the only products that offered a commission for affiliates, and buyers had to make a purchase directly from OceanWP’s website. So, we’re excited to be announcing this new change!

If you have any questions for us – please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. Ronald

    Moving from “unlimited” to 25 is just greed. Saying it’s because “most people aren’t using more then 20 licenses” is not very smart.

    1. Ricky

      I couldn’t agree with Ronald anymore. The plan didn’t “change”. You guys simply made an entirely new plan and killed the other one. Comparing unlimited to the new “25” is a HUGE difference no matter what the average is.

      1. If you need more than 25 licenses, it probably means that you use OceanWP for your business, it is only fair to pay a little more to have more licenses.

  2. nbass668

    Hi Nicholas, good luck and support your move. As a holder of the agency subscription myself. I have no issues paying for another set of agency license given that you keep providing the excellent support.

  3. sherifabuzid

    Good luck Nicholas. I like the product and wish you all the success. Hope you have a bundle for Brizy and more demos for other page builders in the future.

  4. Lorash

    Hi Nicholas, our small agency has purchased a Lifetime Unlimited license last year, because we create all our websites only with your great theme. Question: Will this license, as we purchased it, remain unrestricted?

  5. Hastimal

    Hello Nicolas.,

    I have purchased yesterday only unlimited plan., what will be happening during renewal?
    Will it is unlimited or it will be restricted to 25?

    1. Julio López

      “Don’t worry, if you bought the Unlimited plan before the switch, your license will be grandfathered-in and your activation limit will not change.”

  6. Freedom

    Thanks again… I’m planning to upgrade

  7. Meagan


    I’m just trying to unlock the potential of the Ocean WP theme on my new website. Would love a directory for the updated tutorials and ways to unlock new benefits. I am already subscribed to the Newsletters. Also want to learn how to apply for the affiliate program. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

  8. Albert Brückmann

    Hi Nicolas, what about the extra cost freemius creates? 7% AFTER 5k$, 27% before 1K$… is a pretty high number, considering 3% Paypal… is it worth it, giving away 10% everytime?

    1. Hello, as OceanWP will make more sales thanks to Freemius, they will deserve 7%, so yes, it worth it for sure.

  9. javier milara

    Hi Nicolas, my greetings for your terrific theme! I have a question regarding upgrading in the freemius new licensing system. Currently, I have a single site bundle license yearly paid and planned to upgrade it soon to unlimited yearly too.
    Well, my question is what will happen if I’ll upgrade to lifetime after this, maybe in some months, maybe next year… but when OceanWp will be inside the Freemius paying system?

    Many thanks in advance!



    1. Hello Javier, if you want to upgrade after the switch, then no, you will not be able to take the Unlimited plan, but if you do it before, yes, you can have it.

  10. Bernard

    bonjour Nicolas
    tout d’abord, felicitations pour votre sublime theme.
    Petite question, avec votre nouvelle collaboration avec Fremius, est ce que le tarif pour 1 site et pour 3 sites va changer?
    Merci de votre reponse et bonne continuation

  11. Luka

    Sorry Nicolas, but this is just pure greed. I am one of the people to have more than 25 websites (the company I work for actually). Thanks for the great theme and ok support, but as soon as my licenses expire I will be finding a less restrictive theme for Elementor. Wish you a good fortune, hope you will be a rich man one day.

    1. Hello Luka, read correctly the post, it doesn’t concern the current users 🙂
      It means that if you don’t cancel your subscription for the unlimited plan, you will always have this plan.

  12. Alex

    Nice work Nicolas – all the best with the migration! 🙂

  13. “…affiliates will be able to advertise the free OceanWP theme on the repository using a unique custom URL. When new users of the free theme upgrade to a premium extension, the commission will continue to be tracked and earned by the affiliate.”

    How will this work?

    1. Hello, you will be able to generate a custom url that will redirect users to the free WordPress them on the WordPress repository, and if the user upgrades to the bundle via his dashboard or directly the site, you will earn your commission. It will be much easier to recommend a free theme, so you will earn much more money.

  14. mycommac

    Great work Nicholas! Love your work and your awesome support all these while! So proud of your achievement! I am a fan of OceanWP and will always be. Just purchased the unlimited sites Lifetime plan with the awesome 45% discount offer! I was waiting for this, LOL! Thanks again and keep up the great work! You rock!

  15. Marcelo F.

    Hello! All the best with the new sales, I am very happy with the purchase of the OceanWP Premium Addons. Any plans to create more modern demos? Anyway I’m using this plugin that come some great demos.

  16. Philippe R.

    Bonjour Nicolas,
    Pourrais-tu me dire quel sera le prix de l’Agency Plan ?

  17. Kashyap

    Hello Nicolas! I am opening start up firm and want to buy unlimited plan but my startup will take 4-5 months to start. As a business owner I will use oceanwp for all my sites so can you please do not cancel oceanwp unlimited plan. I love to use oceanwp for all my projects. Agency plan will cost us more.

    1. Hello, in that case, I recommend you to take the plan with the 45% discount right now, later it will be too late.

  18. Vincent

    bonjour Nicolas
    a part pour la version illimitée, les tarifs business (79€) et Personel (39€) restent ils identiques
    que vas nous rapporter de plus cette nouvelle association oceanwp+fremium?
    qui vas supporter les frais de fremium?

    1. Bonjour, oui les plans Personal et Business resteront inchangés.
      Pour les utilisateurs existants, vous allez pouvoir installer et activer les extensions premium beaucoup plus facilement et pour les nouveaux utilisateurs, ils pourront essayer les extensions avant d’acheter.
      Pour les frais que prennent Freemius, étant donné qu’il va y avoir une augmentation des ventes grâce à plusieurs fonctionnalités que propose Freemius, en réalité, ils vont prendre un pourcentage sur ce qu’ils feront gagner en plus donc ça ne changera rien pour OceanWP 🙂

  19. Marcelo

    Update fix Theme OceanWP and Extensions?

  20. Corinne LEROY

    Bonjour Nicolas,
    Nous utilisons la version gratuite OceanWP actuellement.
    Que devient-elle suite à votre association avec Freemius ?

  21. Rita

    I just purchased oceans wp and beginning to set up my new webpage. I’m really unfamiliar with so much of the terminology and don’t want to get lost in the process. I purchased a site that was the beginning level. How much s all of this going to effect me as I go forward?

  22. Brissard Thierry

    Bonjour Nicolas
    J’ai acheté ma licence à 39 € au mois de mars dernier. J’ai tout activé dans les règles, et tout fonctionnait très bien.
    Mais aujourd’hui, tout est désactivé. J’ai un OceanWP basique, sans les extensions. Lorsque je tente de rentrer les numéros de licence des extensions, on me dit qu’ils sont invalides … On me propose seulement d’upgrader ma version, mais à aucun moment on me demande si j’ai déjà un numéro de licence.
    Bref, je suis un peu dérouté, et j’espère que vous pourrez m’éclairer sur la marche à suivre pour rendre tout cela fonctionnel. On dirait que Freemius ne possède aucune indication sur le fait que j’ai une licence. Dois-je créer un compte chez eux ? Et qui doit leur transmettre toutes les infos ? Merci d’avance pour votre aide.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Hello Nicolas
    I bought my license at 39 € last March. I activated everything in the rules, and everything worked very well.
    But today everything is off. I have a basic OceanWP, without the extensions. When I try to enter the license numbers of extensions, I am told that they are invalid … I am only offered to upgrade my version, but at no time I am asked if I already have a license number.
    In short, I am a little confused, and I hope you can enlighten me on the way forward to make all this functional. It seems that Freemius has no indication that I have a license. Do I have to create an account at Freemius ? And who should give them all the information? Thank you in advance for your help.

  23. Laurens Verschuur

    Same question. I have the lifetime unlimited licece. Freemius does not know I have this license unless I uninstall every extensionand download and reinstall the updated extention separately. I feels like a terrible waste of time doing that for all my sites. I’m sure there is or comes an alternative, right? Please inform us.

  24. privacy?

    I like your theme a lot but I value privacy even more so here is my question.
    Will it be possible to use your theme free or paid and still refuse any tracking done by freemius?
    Thank you for your reply.

    1. Hello, yes of course, don’t agree to give any information and everything will still work as it should.

  25. HerveB

    Hello Nicolas,

    Même question que les 2 précédents utilisateurs : j’ai renouvelé le 16 août ma licence “Core Extensions Bundle” illimitée, mais je n’ai retrouve plus aucune trace de mes historiques et clés de licences sur Freemius qui mon considère comme utilisateur “Free” 🙁
    Merci pour votre aide !

  26. Kimi Lu

    I have the lifetime unlimited licece. Freemius does not know I have this license . How can i fix it ? Please help!

  27. David Thornton

    Well unfortunately Fremius decided my contract with you gives them permission to see all my plugins installed and activated and when i deactivate them or add another plugin. They also decided that they could advertise on my backend.
    We had to ask for a refund which is a shame. You have an amazing theme that we have been recommending all of our customers use. Now we have to recommend that no one use your program or any other program with any ties to Freemius.

  28. Denise Graziano

    Nicolas, I am having and extraordinarily difficult time communicating with your support team. My plug ins won’t update properly and I have followed every troubleshooting step. I am working on this with WP LIVE and they cannot help without the follow through from your team. Thank you.

  29. Success

    Hello Nicolas,
    When will the you stop offering the unlimited plan, thank you.

  30. Success

    Looks like Freemius is not working as smooth as you said when all my client sites required to re-active the license for almost all plugins. And the new menu in Theme Panel look not user friendly like before

  31. Keith Toonder

    I just purchased the life time license in June and am struggling while awaiting you here back from OceanWP support regarding Freemius NOT letting me activate my extensions. Is there a fix coming or good work around or did I just waist over $300 to do two site that I can’t update plugins? Does paid support answer this question? I have waited a couple of days without an answer.

  32. Chittakorn Khamthun

    for me too I just purchased the life time license, and waiting Freemius sync my account first time is too long and now It’s look like ok, but one more thing why it still show upgrade and buy the package

    1. Bekhayali

      Hello. Do you have any updates on when the unlimited licenses will be synced up with freemius.

      1. MarkoS


        If you have a functional (non-expired) license, please reach support.

        If you’re asking about when the Unlimited Sites will be “back” again, please see this doc:

        For all other questions you may have in regards to licenses, plans or Ocean products, please open a pre-purchase ticket.

        Thank you and have a wonderful day

  33. Lara

    I am trying to sync my account & update my OceanWP Theme & plugins.
    The license number does not work nor does it recognise my email when I ask for the license number to be emailed to me
    I have an unlimited license & its pretty annoying that the sticky header isn’t working on my sites & its also not cool that Freemius has decided to put advertising on my site

  34. Nicolas Maillard

    Comment activer ses licences sans autoriser Freemius à récupérer nos données personnelles ?
    How to activate its licenses without allowing Freemius to retrieve our personal data?

  35. April Leabo

    Nicolas … do you have any updates on syncing the unlimited lifetime licenses to the new freemius service? With the update, licenses are not being recognized.

  36. Gustavo

    Hi there!

    Like some people here, we have bought the Unlimited Plan, we have successfully updated the plugins and I would like to know for how long the Control Panel will display the “Upgrade” button …

    Thank you!

  37. Cristian Corrales

    I’m still waiting.

    Your purchase receipt ID: 239dc1a53eddc3c64243d6753b0d7087

    Purchase date: July 30, 2019

    Licenses are outdated.

    Can you help me?

  38. April

    Hello. Do you have any updates on when the unlimited licenses will be synced up with freemius so that updates can be made?

  39. John Tighe

    Hello. Do you have any updates on the unlimited / lifetime license syncing with Freemius. Thanks!

  40. victor

    thanks to oceanwp + freemius, i am able to satisfy my clients. Looking forward to the next big update.

  41. Serge

    yes !!! i am going to use freemius, it was my idea last week. Thank you. Oceanwp is perfect

  42. Diya Jain

    Hi Nicholas, after going through your article I am sure that buying the plan is worth every penny.

  43. Surjeet Singh

    I just purchased oceans wp and beginning to costimizing my site font stuck. I’m using elementor builder

  44. Antônio Martins

    I hated freemius, OWP is a great theme, but freemius e a piece of s***, I am moving to another theme.

  45. good luck and support your move. As a holder of the agency subscription myself. I have no issues paying for another set of agency license given that you keep providing the excellent support.

  46. Hey guys,

    just wanted to check whether the Freemius powered affiliate program is up or not? Not sure whether it is working or not.


    1. Hello David,

      We are currently migrating the affiliates from one plugin to Freemius, and if you have an existing account, it should reflect soon at your end.

      If not, yes, Freemius Affiliate Program is already up and running.

  47. vikram

    Thanks again sir… I’m planning to upgrade now

  48. Anup

    Lot lot lots of thanks to OceanWP and team. Now I’m using this theme and it works perfectly for my website. I’m also using Ocean extra and Ocean sticky anything, which are perfectly balance my site.

  49. Doctor mary

    I am going to purchase WP Ocean as soon as possible.

  50. Sam Mathews

    Hii Nicolas,
    Thank you for OceanWP, I like This, I Will See More Updates In The Future.

  51. Needforname

    It’s amazing how many people in these comments resorted to calling OceanWP greedy for putting a limit on something consumers don’t have to purchase if they don’t want to. It clearly states that existing customers will retain the unlimited site capabilities.

    Personally I don’t find that greedy. What disappoints me is the ongoing unresolved bugs and issues I’ve experienced with OceanWP since investing in the lifetime plan. I was hoping to see improvements made as the company grew, commonly reported bugs fixed, the confusing interface revamped, and more demo themes added.

    Unfortunately that’s not been the case. Which is why I’m nervous to even use Ocean WP for any future website creations. I don’t want to be abandoned and don’t want to have to deal with the ongoing headaches I’ve experienced with prior sites. The simple act of adding a global logo still doesn’t even work as intended (as many have mentioned in forums and on Youtube), yet no fix is ever offered. At this point I’m no longer wanting to even use Ocean WP for new website creations because I don’t want to have to deal with the headaches of trying to figure out why things don’t just work like they should. Which is a shame because I’ve only created 3 sites with my investment and now have to spend more money on a new service in hopes the experience won’t be the same.

    All we’re asking for is some attempt to improve the experience. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask. I’ve been waiting 4 years, but have grown impatient.

  52. ambrish

    Thanks alot for sharing,Will definitely go for WP Ocean as soon as possible.

  53. Nisha

    Lovely Article ! Amazing Information this is really usefull, I will recommend for sure, thank you for providing this wonderful Stuffs, really appreciated your work and look forward for your next Blog in future. My best wishes to you keep doing this and share this informative articles with us.

  54. ilyas

    thanks for this great information

  55. vaishali waghmode

    thanks for sharing info about the ocean wp theme, we will definitely go to purchase this theme as soon as possible.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Vaishali, thanks for reaching out. We look forward to you becoming a member of the OceanWP family 🙂

  56. Minh Khanh

    I found the oceanwp theme to load very quickly and smoothly. does oceanwp support amp?

  57. Mary

    When will the you stop offering the unlimited plan, thank you.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Mary, thanks for getting in touch. The Unlimited plans offer has been taken off the table since September 2019. However, there is a perfectly good reason for that. Compared to the majority of currently popular WordPress themes, OceanWP already offers those same options/functions (and more), entirely for free. In this way, the “unlimited websites plan” already exists 🙂

      I would recommend these articles for more info:
      Why use OceanWP?

      OceanWP ws other themes comparison

  58. Abhinay

    This website loading is very fast.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Abhinay, thanks for stopping by. We’re really glad to hear you’re satisfied with OceanWP and are achieving great results 🙂

  59. Flexibles

    Thank you for sharing this article, I`m very appreciative and thankful to read thank you. Keep sharing.

  60. pankaj

    Hey guys tell me one thing I wanna start a blog in Hindi. What if I choose a domain name in Hindi? Is it good?

  61. pankaj

    What if I choose a domain name in Hindi? Is it good?

  62. Peter Prisco

    Thank you very much for sharing this idea.

  63. Sam Smith

    Thank you very much for this great article, I like it

  64. Adom Smith

    Hii Nicolas,
    Thank you for sharing this information about oceanwp I will go for it soon.

  65. RC Lyrics Band

    What an interesting piece of information you have provided so appreciated. I would like to know more information about this. Thank you so much.

  66. stellagreen

    Thank you for OceanWP, I like This, I Will See More Updates In The Future.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Stella,
      Thanks for reaching out 🙂 We’re really glad to hear you like OceanWP and hope you enjoy building with it 🙂 Stay tuned, because we have lots and lots of features and improvements coming up

  67. Prashant889

    Thank you very much for such a great information.

  68. kembuilders

    Hey, interesting and inspiring. Thankyou for sharing.

  69. thedarkattitude

    I like this blog. Thank you for sharing this information.

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