This is the first major update to OceanWP since the theme was launched. Many things have been improved and added to this version to make it even more flexible and user friendly. Many extensions have also been updated, all the big new features of the theme and plugins are explained in this post.

New Menu Icons Selection

A new icon selection system for your menus has been set up that shows you all available icons as well as several options such as hiding text to display only the icon, control size, position (before/after/below) and alignment.

This new system is not my creation but comes from the Menu Icons plugin.
Why did I directly integrate this plugin into Ocean Extra?
Because I wanted this new icons selection system to be fully compatible with OceanWP, I also added and would add new features in the future.
Read this article in the documentation to learn more.

Create Amazing Mega Menus

A new menu field “Elementor Template” is present in your admin menu items to allow you to add an Elementor template in your mega menu.
Leave room to your imagination to create incredible mega menus.

Customize your 404 Error Page

A new select field is added to allow you to choose an elementor template or a page if you use another page builder, to replace the 404 error page content by what you want to display.
This new option is in General Options > General Settings of the customizer.

What new for the Mobile Menu?

Many new features have been added in the customizer’s Mobile Menu section to give you more control.
Here is the list of new options available:
– New checkbox field to show/hide the mobile menu opening button text.
– New text field to add your own text for the mobile menu opening button.
– New text field to add your own icon class for the mobile menu opening button.
– New checkbox field to show/hide the mobile menu close button.
– New switch field to allow you to open your dropdowns with the parent link.
– New text field to add your own text for the mobile menu close button.
– New text field to add your own icon class for the mobile menu close button.

I plan to include new mobile menu styles in a future version of the theme.

What new for WooCommerce?

I have also added new settings for this eCommerce plugin:
– New slider control for the WooCommerce archives columns field, now you can add a custom column number for tablet and mobile.
– New checkbox field to hide the menu cart if empty.
– New control to select a different cart icon.
– New slider control to allow you to add your own cart icon size, even for the responsive.
– New width field to control the cart dropdown width.

New shortcodes are available, to display the total amount of your cart. the total items number of your cart and the amount left to get free shipping.

Its shortcodes were mainly designed for the new premium extension for WooCommerce that will be soon released.

Small Thing You Need to Do

In the new version of Ocean Extra, I improved the code and style of the Theme Panel, the old code caused a small bug. If you have disabled sections of the customizer via this panel, you just have to do it again.
You will never have to redo this manipulation, the code is perfect now, I promise 🙂

What More Quickly

A new Shortcodes tab is present in the OceanWP Settings metabox, this new tab will allow you to add shortcodes in different parts of your page/post as before/after the top bar, the header, the page header, the footer and so on.

The breadcrumbs is now available for the Background Image style of the page header. A new section in the metabox has also been added to allow you to modify the style of the breadcrumbs by page/post.

For the Ocean Sticky Header extension, two new options have been added in the customizer to allow you to add a different logo when scrolling.

What’s Next?

A new premium extension for WooCommerce will be released in a few days, this extension will allow you to display a popup when a customer will clicks the Add To Cart button on a product. You will be able to edit the entire popup and even put an Elementor template (or a page if you use another page builder) to replace the content.
I will also continue to add and improve the theme features and extensions.

I did not do everything I wanted for this version like creating new templates because I focused on the development but do not worry, new templates will soon be added.

Tell me in the comments what you think about this new version and subscribe to the newsletter to stay connected!

Nicolas Lecocq

When I am not working on improving OceanWP or creating new extensions, it is possible that I write an article on the blog... or I watch Game Of Thrones :)

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  1. It’s like Christmas and my birthday wrapped into one single moment of joy!

    No really, these updates are truly awesome. I can now remove yet another plugin made obsolete by this update and remove several CSS code snippets.

    Thank you Nick, you’re the greatest!

  2. Very good Nicolas, your work is being excepecional! By far the best free theme for WordPress. See create some other premium extensions so you can monetize your work the way you deserve.

  3. As per usual Nicholas superb work. Enjoying not only what the theme offers now but also in the future. Well done.

  4. Fantastic job on this huge update AND thanks for
    the best support on the net…How do you do it man…!!!

  5. Hi Nicolas.
    Bravo pour ce travail et toutes ces nouveautés.
    Sorry but I can’t see the new menu field “Elementor Template”… Where is it exactly supposed to be?

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment.
      To display Elementor template, you must create a mega menu and you will see a new select in your submenus as for the select widgets.

  6. Keep up the good work my friend. Best luck Nick

  7. Amazing, amazing work! Thank you Nicolas!

  8. Hey Nick thanks for the update. The theme is getting lean and clean. Quick question, I’m getting margin at the top and bottom of all my pages using the elementor theme, i cant seem to get rid of it. I’ve disabled the margin for the page and its still appearing. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment.
      For your question, do you mean that you are using OceanWP? If you use another theme, I can not help you 🙂
      For support questions, please open a new support ticket.
      Thank you very much 🙂

  9. Is there an official ‘change log’ that can be referenced? I hate updating theme’s without having any idea of what might potentially be affected.


  10. Hi Nicolas, this theme is amazing. I really enjoy building websites with oceanWP.
    Thanks for your great work.

  11. Kindly contact me I cant complete purchase – I paid 4 times but my cart still pending for complete purchase – no license. I got the code in sms from stripe but still…no license.
    Please you help!

    1. Hello, this is not the place to talk about this.
      I sent you an email 🙂

  12. Hello Nick,
    it’s been so nice i found your theme I admit that im a newbie in wordpress but so far so good
    I’m inlove with your theme great work nick double thumbs up to you!! 🙂
    However i have a question is it possible to make the sub menu in fullwidth?

    it would be highly appreciated for your response.


    1. Hello, thank you for the nice words 🙂
      It is possible to create a mega menu who take the container width but it is not possible to take the screen width.

      1. Hello Nick
        again i have a question
        do its possible to make the footer widgets to be mobile responsive just like you did in menu with toggle text?

        1. Hello, no it is not possible, you can modify the columns number but not do as for the header with the menu.

          1. ok Nick thanks for the info 🙂

  13. ahh i see
    Anyway Thank you for your response 🙂

  14. Hi there,

    Is there any way to make the submenu transparent too?
    Thank you for your answer and for your great work.

    1. Hello, yes it is possible, here is the code css to enter in the Custom CSS section of the customizer:
      body .dropdown-menu .sub-menu { background-color: transparent !important; }

    1. Hello, probably with an external plugin but there is no dropdown menu widget by default.

      1. ahh okay thanks for the response 🙂

  15. By the way, what hosting provider you’re using? 🙂

  16. Hi Nick,

    Thank you for the new 2018 Woocommerce updates. Keep up the greate job! 🙂

    I don’t really get the point of this post about Create Amazing Mega Menus. Is it really possible to use Elementor to design mega menus in Oceanwp? How can I do that? I don’t see any “Elementor Template” present in the admin menu! Could you please guide us through? Or send us a video link to do that?

    1. Hello, yes, you can create a megamenu with your page builder, you need to create your template in Theme Panel > My Library, then go to Appearance > Menus, add a menu items to your menu, check Enable Megagmnu and choose one column, add a sub menu item to it and select your megamenu template in the Select a Template setting.

  17. Hi Nicholas, i found that “Read this article in the documentation to learn more.” contain invalid URL.

    1. Hi, thank you very much for letting me know, I fix this right away 🙂

  18. Hello,

    Is there a way i can add the toggle menu button to all pages. for some reason i dont have it on all pages. please help thanks.

  19. For Vertical menu, how to display sub-menu (mega and un-mega menu) on hover?

  20. hi
    just installed your oceanwp theme everything looks great.
    I’m stuck with menu .. Im trying your theme at 2 local server at one the navigation menu are listed with heading (accepting settings looking good ) and on other site whatever you do its showing a icon as menu and on click a drop-down list nothing change .. can you suggest what need to be done . we tried with creating new menu but nothing works.. bit disappointed

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