WordPress powers more than a quarter of the world’s 1.8 billion websites on the internet, a staggering growth for what was initially a blogging platform. It has now evolved into the world’s premier open source Content Management System.  It has done so by staying ahead of the internet marketing curve, and thus focusing on the important trends in coding and innovative design.

You can practically ensure a perfect process for your website with their tools, plugins, templates and add-ons.  Modern SEO optimized templates are available for every type of business or niche marketing. Some of the latest trends include a focus on Mobile Based Design, Drag and Drop options, Video headers and the inclusion of VR and AR to WordPress.

Let us look at some specific tips for you to level up and revitalize your website in 2019:

Tips for Google:

Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly, Fast and Responsive.

It may be time to update your WordPress Theme to a mobile-friendly, modern, SEO enhanced theme. Mobile users are in the majority and on the rise, and sites that are not mobile-ready will be left behind in searches, as mobile search algorithms boost mobile-friendly design. This means using AMP and Progressive Web apps on your website. You can check how mobile-friendly your website is on the handy Google tool here.

Implement Modern AMP on a WordPress Website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages score higher on Google ranking factors as they are lighter and load much faster, and these days most traffic comes from mobile devices. You can add AMP functionality to your existing website through a plug-in (AMP for WP) that features a long list of additional functionality and benefits.

Make WordPress Into a Progressive Web App.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a modern technology that use the best parts of the mobile web and mobile apps to create a totally superior mobile web experience. It is easy to configure, takes less than a minute to install, and allows users to experience almost-instant loading times and enjoy great performance benefits.

Add a page for privacy policy.

In many countries, the laws require that you disclose any information you collect about visitors on your website, and how this is used. You can now add a privacy page easily via WPBeginner’s privacy policy page. This is a good starting point to cover legal requirements.

Add a sitemap.

A crucial step in improving SEO – you can use plugins (such as Google XML Sitemaps) to create special XML sitemaps which will help search engines to better index your site. It provides a complete structure of your site, and it will, in fact, notify all major search engines every time you create a post with new content.

Tips for Users:

Adopt a Multi-Purpose Theme.

A multipurpose website template literally makes it possible for you to create any website you deem possible. It comes with all the features fit for promoting products or services, building professional portfolios, integrating with e-commerce and social media. Its flexibility allows you to really personalize your website according to your needs.

Adding VR and AR to WordPress.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become buzzwords not only in the gaming industry but are enjoying attention from industry press and general news and social media.  Companies putting it to good use would include Ikea using AR to show a customer how their products would look in their actual home, or Virtual Tours for estate agents or the tourist industry.

Build a Community (Forum).

Building a forum or community around your website or blog can greatly enhance SEO if done correctly, as it hits all five of the major components of an effective SEO strategy (content, quantity, quality, consistency, longevity) and the content is mostly generated by your followers. There are several plugins available to set this up quickly and efficiently, for example, BuddyPress.

Interact with your visitors (respond to comments and via e-mail)

Nothing beats email in building an ongoing and genuine connection with your readers. Make sure they do sign up for email communications by creating a reason to (free e-book, course, chapter, instructions) with the promise of more to come in emails – the invitation-only nature creates an aura of privilege to receive communications. Keep your Call to Action prominent on each page. Keep your emails informative, catering to your audience’s needs. Spammy emails will be rejected very quickly. There is a multitude of plugins for enhanced communications.

Make responding to any comments a priority in someone’s day – keep comments positive and thank participants.

Add videos and infographics to your content.

Videos are by far the most preferred content on websites today, and infographics are running a close second. Video content is important though, it must be relevant and snappy, apart from mobile friendly and easy to load. Data visualization tools (such as Infographic) can help you create interactive charts, infographics, and maps.


It is imperative to keep up to date with new developments and releases to keep your website relevant and interesting. Of course, you can cheat a little bit with the ‘Mother of All Plugins’, the Jetpack plugin, which is slated to be the Swiss Army Knife of plugins. Hassle-free design, marketing, and security — all in one place. Mix it all up, refresh, renew and bring in new visitors.

Sonia Bell

Sonia Bell is a freelance marketing consultant and blogger. She is interested in researching in the field of marketing psychology and artificial intelligence. Sonia is an expert writer in such topics, as marketing, company development, and blogging.

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  1. Marcelo F.

    Hello, OceanWP is compatible with Super Progressive Web Apps?

  2. Hi Sonia, I really enjoyed reading your tips. However, I didn’t understand the use of AR in a business blog. Can you please provide me some tips on the same?

  3. Stephan

    Hi Sonia, I created a website a few days ago and I used a free theme which is available on WordPress. But the site is not fully mobile optimized. I don’t have much idea about web-designing and development as my core is in SEO and I know how important it is to have a mobile responsive site. Can you suggest some hacks on how to make a WordPress premium theme responsive?

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