WordPress is one of the most popular free content management systems. It’s mostly used by bloggers, but WordPress also works for other types of sites, such as galleries, shops, and forums.

WordPress has an understandable interface and reasonable prices. These two features make it a perfect option for beginners and people who don’t want to spend much time on the technical side of their website.

WordPress can help you to make an attractive and stylish site effortlessly. However, if you want to monetize your content, you have to make it Google friendly. In an ideal world, your site should be friendly for all search engines, but Google is the most popular among them. We recommend you focus on Google because the requirements of other search engines are quite similar.

Blogging on WordPress is a great way to make some money even if you’re a college student. You just need a bit of talent, creative ideas, and good writing skills.

#1 Pick the right web host

The speed of your site is a crucial indicator both for the search engine and for your visitors. No one would wait for 30 seconds to see your main page! And Google won’t rank your site well if it’s too slow. Choose a web host that is able to provide you with a good speed.

#2 Polish the first paragraphs

Search engines pay the most attention to the first 100 words on your page. Make sure that you include all the necessary keywords and internal links in the first paragraphs. The introduction should be a short description of what your post is about.

#3 Make longer posts

Longer posts tend to rank better. However, you should keep a balance between the length of your post and its usefulness. It’s hard to believe, for example, that someone would be able to write an interesting 4,000-word post about setting an alarm clock.

#4 Install Google Analytics

The presence of Google Analytics on your site probably won’t influence the ranking directly. But this amazing tool will help you to monitor the sources of traffic, your audience’s behavior, and other important data. Regular analysis and improvement will boost your ranking.

#5 Don’t neglect internal linking

Internal links give you the opportunity to present all the related content both to Google and your visitors. They simplify the navigation process for search engines, and they won’t leave this advantage without attention.

#6 Take advantage of social media sharing

Creating so-called “shareable” content isn’t enough. You should add sharing buttons to your WordPress blog to make the sharing process easier for your readers. If Google sees that your post becomes popular on social media, it’ll rank better.

#7 Change the permalink structure

Standard WordPress permalinks aren’t Google friendly. We recommend you to change your permalink structure to be text-based and add some keywords.

#8 Choose Google-friendly themes

When you create a site on WordPress, picking a theme is a real challenge. It offers thousands of them, and you have no idea which one is going to work better! But you should take into consideration three criteria: your theme has to be mobile-friendly, fast, and optimized for SEO.

#9 Use keywords in your content

Keywords are phrases or separate words that show Google that your article is relevant to its topic. If your article’s theme is on 15 SEO tips and techniques to boost ranking on WordPress, and you don’t include the word “WordPress” in your post, then Google won’t rank it well.

#10 Install a sitemap plugin

This plugin is an absolute must-have for WordPress sites. A sitemap helps search engines to navigate your site and index all the content faster. The installation process is quick, and the results won’t be long in coming.

#11 Name your images

When you post images, use this opportunity to include more keywords to your content. WordPress allows you to name your images, add alt text, provide a small caption, and apply tags. It won’t take more than a minute, but your positions will certainly improve!

#12 Pick SEO plugins

WordPress offers a wide range of plugins, such as the All in One SEO Pack. These plugins are a perfect option for beginners who have no time to deal with complex terms and techniques. SEO plugins will help you with things like generating a sitemap, or changing a title or description.

#13 Try a table of contents

We’ve already mentioned that Google appreciates long posts. However, long texts are hard to navigate for users. Add a table of contents, and search engines will notice your attempt to make your site more comfortable for visitors. As a rule, a table of contents increases the time that your readers spend on your site.

#14 Monitor comments

Spam comments won’t make your WordPress site attractive for Google. Links to unrelated sites or pages with “shady” content are also harmful to the reputation of your site. And your readers won’t like links to gambling websites on your page about avoiding scammers.

#15 Post optimized images

As we’ve mentioned, page download performance is crucial for your ranking. By compressing and resizing images, you’ll automatically increase the download speed. You can optimize your images before uploading them to WordPress or use special plugins.

WordPress gives many opportunities both to beginners and experienced users. This platform allows you to create attractive sites, but search engine optimization is on you. Don’t neglect our recommendations, and your ranking will improve!

Matthew Williams

Matthew is a technical content writer passionate about writing, WordPress, and writing about all things WordPress.

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  1. Kelana

    It’s hard to make 4000 words, 600 until 1000 is hard enough too, is that true can make great rank with a lot of words?

    1. Matthew Williams

      That all depends on your audience and the subject matter of your page.

  2. gbwa

    Each tip is very useful, i will follow your techniques to boost my site rankings.

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    It’s awesome in favor of me to have a web page, which is good designed for my know-how.
    thanks admin

  4. Davia

    Internal linking is an important factor, but I want to know how to do it in the best way, whether we put links on our keywords or on general terms?

  5. Sure Hindi

    This are very important SEO tips for me. Thanks

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    Useful information. Thank you Matthew !

  7. Cvos

    Matthew you definitely provide some good value here. I would recommend the Yoast plugin over all in one SEO, it has more options and has a better UX.

  8. Carolyn Lawton

    I definitely want to increase my audience and get good Google ratings, but I am not willing to use social media. I have a faithful small following, but I need to get Google on my side. I am not a business, but a website to educate and inspire others. What do you recommend?

  9. Saurabh

    Thank you for one of the easiest guides to follow on WordPress SEO out there.

    The points mentioned above are really meaningful and will be really useful for newbie bloggers

  10. Alvin Brown

    Great blog!
    I don’t have a plugin to recommend but the hosting along with a great WordPress theme improve a website one of my website’s ranking. Even though the site had spelling errors, it was still able to do well.

  11. mahi

    After using Table of content, I saw increasing in my site traffic.

  12. Vicky Toomer

    15 great tips, your writing style has been great as the points are short, easy to understand and actionable.

  13. Jain

    I will apply all of your SEO Tips and Techniques, on my WordPress Blog. I will share my review after ranking improvements here

  14. Priya Sharma

    I am following some of these techniques to boost my rankings on WordPress but I have some doubts that are it really important to insert internal links in every articles??

    1. Matthew Williams

      It is desirable. To speed up indexing of newly created resource pages. Internal links can be used for rarely used low-frequency queries, as well as mid-frequency ones. The visitor should be able to receive the necessary information and additions, simply by clicking on the available links on the resource.

  15. Bev

    Very informative! Excellent post ever, I’ve been browsing for this topic but this blog gives the answer that I’m looking for. Thank you for sharing insightful tips on these topics.

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    Thank you

    1. Matthew Williams

      Thank you for your feedback!

  18. Nothing without SEO. Amazing tips and all the strategies are working, this strategis will definitely work for boosting traffic and rank.

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    Cool list, and totally agree on all of them.

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    From this article you will get to know about the 15 seo tips and techniques to boost your ranking on wordpress. This article is very knowledgeable for everyone. You have really eased my work, loved your writing skill as well. I love your posts always. Please keep sharing more!

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    1. Matthew Williams

      Thanks for your positive feedback. Good luck in boosting up your ranking on WordPress.

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    Great tips! I’m very interested in learning SEO.
    Btw, I’m using Rankmath SEO plugin and OceanWP Theme.. It’s an unbeatable combination!!

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