We are starting this year with no less than 27+ (!) new website demos/templates. 

These impressive demos/templates are designed to give your visitors the best user experience and (of course) work seamlessly with our extensions and state-of-the-art OceanWP WordPress theme.

After importing our website demos/templates, you will be able to easily edit them via Elementor . Texts and images can easily be adjusted, allowing you to go live in no time. If you need any help, our top-notch support team is there to answer any questions you may have.

This set of website demos/templates has a wide, mixed variety of topics and verticals. We are confident you will find what you are looking for.

Woo-commerce online store WordPress website demos/templates:

As Woo-commerce has skyrocketed, we have created some new WordPress website demos/templates which can be used for an array of online businesses.

Furniture store website demo/template 


Fashion store website demo/template


Beauty store website demo/template


Toys store website demo/template


Single product website demo/template


Hospitality WordPress website demos/templates:

Bars, restaurants and food vendors now, more than ever, understand the importance of online presence. Check out our fresh collection of website WordPress demos/templates for hospitality.

Bar / Restaurant WordPress website demo/template


Bakery / Cake shop WordPress website demo/template



Photographer, designer, artist, painter WordPress website demos/templates:

We did not forget about the creative professionals looking for a sleek and cleanly designed site to showcase their work and talent. Our creative professional website demos/templates are designed and built to give you the best customizable solutions.

Professional photographer website demo/template




Painter website demo/template



Designer website demo/template


Tattoo website demo/template


Trainer, coach, teacher website demo/template:

If you or your clients are trainers, take a look at our new trainer website demos/templates. It presents great design and functionality for any kind of trainer, coach or teacher.


Church / Temple / Synagogue website demo/template:

We have put together a beautiful, impactful website demo/template for religious institutions here:


Digital / Advertising agency demo/template:

View our simple but effective website demo/template for digital and advertising agencies here:


Check out our new categories:

E-Commerce: https://oceanwp.org/demo-category/ecommerce/
Services: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/services/
Photography: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/photography/
Art & Design: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/art-and-design/
Restaurants: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/restaurants/
Fashion: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/fashion/
Beauty: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/beauty/
Coaching: https://oceanwp.org/demo-tag/coaching/

This is just the start! OceanWp is committed to giving our customers and the WordPress community the best WordPress solutions possible. The combination of our stacked plug-and-play extension packages, our excellent theme that we continue to perfect every day and our large collection of WordPress website demos/templates is the perfect solution for any business, website developer or agency. Watch this space!dmdemo

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    1. MarkoS

      Hello there! We are really pleased to hear you’re satisfied with our New Website Demos and hope you enjoy building with OceanWP 🙂

  1. hartono

    I want to ask if I have already webssite company profile with parabola theme,
    use child theme
    How to move to ocean wp theme

    Iam interest to use personal or business

    hartono Indonesia

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Hartono, thanks for stopping by and taking interest in OceanWP. Switching to a new (any) theme is never an easy or smooth job, therefore our recommendation is to create a staging site, install the new theme and all relevant plugins there, adjust your content, settings, and everything else that needs to be done, then push changes to the live site. In this way, your live site will not lose any traffic and also not be under “lock and key” for a period of time for you required to make necessary changes. If you have any other pre-purchase related questions, you can always submit a pre-purchase ticket: https://oceanwp.org/pre-purchase-question/

  2. KhakiMan

    Curious as to whether OceanWP can be used as a 100% block/Gutenburg theme, without the nag notices for Elementor and other third-party plugins.

    If so, do you have a roadmap for Gutenburg based sites?

    1. MarkoS

      Hello and thanks for reaching out. If you’re seeing notices about third-party plugins – they are coming from different plugins. OceanWP will “nag” only about Ocean Extensions, primarily Ocean Extra. Of course, if you decide to import a demo, you will see a list of all plugins you need to install in order for the demo to be imported and function properly.

      OceanWP can be used as a 100% block Gutenberg theme, but our users prefer Elementor because of the variety of functions/widgets/templates Elementor itself offers. You can try using Stackable or Qubely for Gutenberg blocks, you may get surprised (disclaimer, neither OceanWP neither myself are affiliated or in any other way connected to the mentioned plugins)

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Tom, thanks for reaching out. For now, we have the Charity demo as one of the examples. However, it’s important to emphasize that all Ocean Website Demo Templates are based on the OceanWP theme alone. This means that, regardless of the demo “topic”, you can adjust any of those to completely fit your needs: add/remove sections, add/remove features, adjust colors, different settings on a global or individual page/post level etc. Demos serve to speed up the website building process, so choose the one you believe will require the least amount of work or effort. If you have any other questions, you can also open a pre-purchase ticket and we would be more than happy to assist

  3. Vikas Sahu

    How About a Template for Noon Profit Foundations?

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Vikas, thanks for reaching out.
      As I explained to Tom in the comments, for now, we have the Charity demo as one of the examples, and the recently added Bounty demo. However, it’s important to emphasize that all Ocean Website Demo Templates are based on the OceanWP theme alone. This means that, regardless of the demo “topic”, you can adjust any of those to completely fit your needs: add/remove sections, add/remove features, adjust colors, different settings on a global or individual page/post level etc. Demos serve to speed up the website building process, so choose the one you believe will require the least amount of work or effort. If you have any other questions, you can also open a pre-purchase ticket and we would be more than happy to assist

  4. Craig

    Nice work, they look great!

    Do I need Elementor Pro, or can I use them with my free version?

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Craig, thanks for the feedback!

      No, we are not using any third-party pro extensions on our demos, and this goes for Elementor too. All Ocean Website Demo Templates were created using the free version of Elementor. Whether or not you’ll be actually using the pro version is entirely up to you

  5. Craig

    Hi. I’ve just come across Ocean WP as my theme in wordpress and I’m wondering how to install these new templates. https://trainer.oceanwp.org/ is the one that I’m interested in. Are they free or is it for purchase? I’m looking to add something for my teaching business. Thanks in advance. Craig

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Craig,

      The Trainer demo is one of our Pro Demos and you can get access to it if you purchase the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle. If you’re interested only in free demos, please check out our free demos list. You can import any free demo from the list with the help of Ocean Extra plugin (available in the WordPress repository), and through your WP dashboard, Theme Panel > Install Demos. Some of our free demos contain content/features built using our Pro Extensions. This was done merely to show you how your website could look like. Unless you own a license, this content/features will not be imported, but you can still use the next best thing per your choice to recreate the sections or achieve similar functionality. Hope this helps

  6. alex john

    Who doesn’t like a good-looking template or cover for their website? An interesting and catchy cover can get a lot of viewers.

  7. Claudia

    Looks great! Thanks for the list!

  8. Lawal Rahman

    OcceanWP theme is a very nice theme. I use it because it’s highly compatible with Elementor and the outcome is great. So when you add more demos to the existing demos, I think it is high time I change something in the look of my site. Thanks for the update.

  9. Kenya Prime

    Hi, few weeks ago we started using the OcceanWP theme believe me our Blog load time has increased about 30%. Please kindly make demos for News website, like newspaper. We will really appreciate it.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Kenya, thanks for reaching out. We definitely hope you enjoy working with OceanWP 🙂 for the time being, our prime focus is on the eCommerce demos, but I’ve added your idea to the list as well. If you have any eCommerce related suggestions, please feel free to share 🙂

  10. I am in the process of changing my theme to OceanWP Travel Demo. Midway down the page are the icons with titles such as 6 Years of Travels and Useful Travel Tips. I plan to use those sections to feature some resource pages. Is there a way to add a photo to those columns under the icon and title?

      1. MarkoS

        Hello Marie, thanks for reaching out and we’re really glad to hear you were able to find a solution 🙂 Enjoy building your website

    1. MarkoS

      You’re welcome! We sincerely hope you like the new demos

      1. Rank Manager

        Yeah… Love it so much. Just hoping you will release a newspaper home page soon.

        1. MarkoS

          It’s already added to the list 🙂

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Telugu, thanks for checking in 🙂 We’re really glad to hear you like our new demos and that the Toys demo is your favorite 🙂 if you have suggestions about what kind of eCommerce demos would you like to see with OceanWP, please let us know 🙂

  11. top

    This is a cool topic, thanks for the updates. I love her design and how she works with Elementor

    1. MarkoS

      Hi and thanks for stopping by. We’re really happy to hear you like the new demos 🙂 and if you have any ideas about what kind of demos would you like to see here on OceanWP, please let us know 🙂

  12. Khris Steven

    Nice looking templates. I’ve been a user of OceanWp PRO for 3 years now. I actually came here looking for a personal branding or HERO kind of template to use on my new site that has my exact name, but couldn’t find any. Any plans on adding that to the list or point me in the direction where I could get it?

    1. MarkoS

      Hi Khris, thanks for stopping by 🙂 We’re really glad to hear you’ve been with us for so long and hope you enjoy building with OceanWP 🙂 Perhaps you would like to check the following demos: Paint, Jacob, Emma and Dark. Those are some of the our latest website demos that could possibly be of use to you when it comes personal branding

  13. Werner

    Would be could if you could add some Gutenberg templates and not only elementor. Besides that I really love OceanWP

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Werner, thanks for stopping by 🙂 We’re really glad to hear you’ve been enjoying OceanWP 🙂 as for the demos, stay tuned because more awesome things are coming during the course of the following months 🙂 You can also submit a feature request using our new form

  14. John

    Great. I really enjoy your work guys. Beautiful and clean theme.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello John, thanks for stopping by and sharing positive feedback. We’re really glad to hear you like our new demos and hope you enjoy building with OceanWP 🙂

  15. Tarun Mahajan

    Awesome! I really enjoy your theme. OceanWP is a Beautiful, Elegant & clean theme.

  16. Robert

    Beautiful new themes. I just started using OceanWP and still am very new to WordPress. I formerly used Joomla for my sites, but I really like the flexibility of WP and the many plug-ins. Keep up the GREAT work!

    1. MarkoS

      Hi Robert, thanks for stopping by and especially for your positive feedback. We hope you enjoy working with WordPress and OceanWP 🙂

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Shailesh, thanks for stopping by! We have some good news for you – you can get this for your website 🙂 what’s even better, we’re currently running a promotion that you should definitely check out and use the discount to your advantage. You can get the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle here, which includes all Ocean Pro Extensions but also access to all pro website demo templates 🙂

  17. Tamil Adda

    I like all the designs, May I know any dedicated design available for a new mag site..

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Tamil, we don’t have any magazine templates available yet, but we have some planned 🙂 If you’d like to contribute with ideas, please use our feature requests form. Thank you

  18. Mirror hour

    Is there any design for coaching website to sell online course. thanx

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Roshan, thank you very much! We definitely hope you’re enjoying our new demos

  19. Jurij Cvikl

    Hello can you restart please server: THE IMPORT PROCESS COULD TAKE SOME TIME, PLEASE BE PATIENT
    Can not retrieve sample data xml file. The server may be down at the moment please try again later. If you still have issues contact the theme developer for assistance.


    1. MarkoS

      Hello Jurij, I’m afraid things don’t function like that. This message means there could be something wrong on your server end or system configuration. You’ve already submitted a ticket, we’re waiting for your reply with details to take a look and try to resolve the problem for you. Thank you

      1. Yes thank you for support, theme is now imported by Marko and everything is fine. 5 stars! NAMASTE!

        1. MarkoS

          You are most welcome, Jurij! It has been our pleasure

  20. Abizer Izzy

    I have used OceanWP on my blog affheal.com and customizing it with Elementor was breeze. Looking forward for the new demos. Simply love it!

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Abzier, thanks for stopping by and especially for your support and positive feedback. We already released many new demos, so make sure to check them out and tell us what you think 🙂

  21. Herrod

    Everything was incredible. I might truly want to recommend it to other people. I’m additionally a Newspaper subject client. I have Newspaper topic on my Wimzyroses instruments site and I’m content with this subject. I thought that it was exceptionally simple just as very dependable for me.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Herrod, thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing the love 🙂

  22. Tollywood

    The toys site demo is looking great

    1. MarkoS

      Hello and thanks for stopping by. We’re really thrilled to hear you like the Toys demo 🙂 if you’d like to share any suggestions regarding demos you would like to see in the future, please feel free to do so 🙂

  23. हवामान

    OceanWP was the first theme ever, on which I built my first website. and for many websites, I use this theme. thanks for this great demos

    1. MarkoS

      Hello and thanks for stopping by, especially for your kind words and support 🙂 We’re really happy to hear OceanWP has been working out great for you and we wish you hundreds of new websites to come 🙂

  24. hussain

    thanks for sharing valuable information.

  25. Filip

    A lot of useful information. Great. Thanks

  26. Andrew

    Thanks for sharing, these themes look simple and decent! It will be useful to some of my friends, Cheers!

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Andrew, thanks for stopping by. We’re really happy to hear you like our website templates 🙂 Make sure to check the new ones, especially those related to Gutenberg or the HubSpot plugin 🙂 https://oceanwp.org/demos/

      If your friends are interested, we’re currently running a 40% OFF promo until November 15th, so they have a chance to upgrade and take advantage of a cool discount.

      Have a great day

  27. Wally

    Thanks for sharing these themes look simple and easy to customize with Elementor! I have been using another for quite a bit, but I will switch to OceanWP.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Wally, thanks for the feedback! Make sure to let us know how your OceanWP experience is going and if you need any help 🙂

  28. Abhishek Gaikwad

    Looks great! Thanks for the list!

  29. Adeniyi Badmus

    My Best Theme ever, thanks for creating this great theme and making available for starters.

    1. MarkoS

      Hello Adeniyi, thank you for using OceanWP and being a part of our family 🙂

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