Since the post in the Facebook Group, a few months have passed, I’m proud to announce that the big update of Ocean Elementor Widgets is finally available. Many new widgets have been added, in this post, I will show you some of them. You can click the button below to show a demo with all the Elementor widgets:

Banner Widget

Interactive banner with many effects have been added, you can add your own texts and customize everything in it.

Switch Widget

A switch is perfect to display two different things like different pricng tables, with this widget, you can add content, image or Elementor templates.

Modal Widget

With this widget you can display content or a template to show anything you want. You can display the modal at a button click or after a loading time, for example 10 seconds after the page load, or on exit intent, which mean the modal will be displayed when you will leave the page.

Google Map Widget

An advanced Google Map widget have been added, you can activate/deactivate many controls, select between many map styles, add your own pins, etc…

Image Comparison Widget

This widget is perfect to display a before/after images. You can select the position, to switch images at click, mouse move, and mouse click.

Navbar Widget

If you want to create a vertical navigation, this widget is perfect for you, you can add an off canvas sidebar, change the colors, width and is fully responsive.

Woo Slider Widget

Many users asked me to create a WooCommerce slider widget, here we go! You can choose the columns on desktop, tablet, mobile, to display the arrows and dots and to customize the styling.

Forms Widget

Many widgets have been created for your prefered forms plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Caldera Forms and WPForms.

What Else?

WooCommerce Products, WooCommerce Add to Cart button, Responsive Table, Login – Register – Lost Password forms and many other great Elementor widgets are available, click the button below to see them all:
Important note, all styles and scripts are only loaded if the widget is used on the page, this way, no unnecessary code will slow down your website.
Tell me in the comments what you think about this new big update and what you would like to see incorporated in Ocean Elementor Widgets in the future.

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  1. RD4U

    Yeah !!!
    Je jette un œil à tout cela…
    Merci pour cet ajout inattendu.
    Thanks OceanWP . ??

  2. persson

    Love it!

    Would like the option to choose right side for off canvas tho 🙂

  3. Stefan

    Congrats on the update! Unfortunately, the screenshots seem to be heavily compressed and blurry…

  4. gabetu

    Great addition, almost like elementor pro at a very low price 🙂
    Based on slick could you add also the image slider widget in order not to install third-party plugin ?

    1. Thank you 🙂
      For the image slider, there is already one in Elementor Pro. I don’t want to create same widgets as Elementor Pro, except if it is to improve them like the Info Box widget for example.

  5. webdesignct

    You guys have outdone yourselves. Fantastic Update!!!

  6. lefabe

    Un travail remarquable, un suivi et un support de tout premier ordre ! Merci Nicolas, encore de l’excellent travail !

    Nice Job, great support, amazing work and surely one of the best WordPress Theme actually. Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. Roger Phillips

    I was looking forward to adding this to my site. Just tried to purchase the widget extension but your billing system will not allow me to process the transaction with PayPal without also adding a credit card. I’ve never had to do that before. Is this the correct behavior?

    1. Hello, not at all 🙂
      If you choose PayPal, you can pay with PayPal, can you open a pre-purchase ticket and tell me what is the issue exactly?

  8. David Randulfe Lage

    In AJAX SEARCH please add a select for custom post type product or post. Thanks!

    1. Hello, I know, sorry, I didn’t find a way yet to do this. You can be sure when I will find, it will be implemented 🙂

  9. karima

    hello Nick,
    Thanks a lot. First for making such a great free theme available for everyone to use. And secondly for these awesome extensions.
    Merci beaucoup, vous faites un travail formidable!

  10. Bob P.

    I’m an old school HTML/Java guy from years back. Recently I lost job and thought it was time to get back up to speed on website development. With WP being one of the most popular platforms I decided to give it a try. I have my own QNAP NAS Server and went at it. Because I wanted to create different sites to practise and learn with I went with a network install. I found it very frustrating ironing out all the problems the install doesn’t clue you in on but at last it is up and running. I have tried several different tutorials, themes and editors and found it frustrating I didn’t have the control I wanted. I then thought I would need to learn PHP and develop my own theme, plugins or widgets. Somehow I stumbled across Tyler’s YouTube OceanWP demo then the updated version. I have to tell you guys I am really impressed! and the fact you offer a free version with this much power is truly awesome. I have to ask “how can learn more of it?” you’ve got me hooked line and sinker.

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello Bob, very glad to hear this 🙂
      You can see the OceanWP YouTube channel and there is some great videos from WPTuts and other YouTubers.

  11. Olaf

    Hi Nicolas,
    Nice widgets, I used some of them in a recent project.
    Are there any plans for automatic plugin updates? Downloading, removing en uploading each extension is a bit annoying 😉

    1. Nicolas Lecocq

      Hello, thank you 🙂
      For the updates, there is this system since the beginning 🙂
      Go to Theme Panel > Licenses and add your bundle license key in the blue box. There was a little issue with the bundle license key so if it doesn’t work, deactivate each individual licenses if you added them, then add your bundle key in the blue box and you will receive the updates via your dashboard.

  12. happy wheels

    got it. just by clickeing on products>category

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