A complete extension to display your portfolio and work in a beautiful way.

Key Features

  • Display your portfolio anywhere you want via a page template or a shortcode
  • Show/hide the filter bar
  • Control the filter bar positioning, styling and typography
  • Control the portfolio items styling like the margin, padding, color, overlay color, typography, etc...
  • Add your own images width and height
  • Display items by author, categories or tags, sort by order and exclude categories
  • And a lot more...



Version 1.1.10
  • - Added: Codes for Freemius switch.
Version 1.1.9
  • - Added: Gutenberg support.
Version 1.1.8
  • - Added: Title tag for the single item title.
Version 1.1.7
  • - Added: Layout setting for the archive and taxonomies pages.
  • - Tweak: Correct page title added for the breadcrumb.
Version 1.1.6
  • - Fixed: Wrong image displayed on the lightbox.
  • - Fixed: Lightbox issue on portfolio taxonomy.
  • - Fixed: Buttons after the footer on single portfolio items.
Version 1.1.5
  • - Fixed: Issue with lightbox script on single portfolio items.
Version 1.1.4
  • - Fixed: Taxonomy issue for Order and Orderby settings.
  • - Fixed: Issue with Elementor Themer.
Version 1.1.3
  • - Fixed: Search issue.
Version 1.1.2
  • - Tweak: French translation updated, thanks to Julien Roussel.
  • - Added: Polish translation, thanks to Fin Fafarafiel.
  • - Tweak: Better approch for calling the metabox scripts.
Version 1.1.1
  • - Added: Added translation for the lightbox texts so now you can translate the words of the PhotoSwipe lightbox.
Version 1.1.0
  • - Added: Two new settings to disable the link or lightbox icon.
  • - Added: Settings to choose if you want to open the portfolio item or a lightbox to the image click.
  • - Added: PhotoSwipe instead of Magnific Popup, much better lightbox script for photographers, so the Mgnific Poup scripts are removed from the portfolio pages, no need to have two lightbox scripts.
  • - Added: New setting for the shortcode creation to allow you to disable the MagnificPopup lightbox script on th epage where you will add the portfolio shortcode.
  • - Added: SEO markups.
Version 1.0.9
  • -Added: Filter \"op_portfolio_all_text\" for the All text in the filter to allow you to add what you want via a child theme.
Version 1.0.8
  • - Added: New field in the OceanWP Settings metabox to add a portfolio item external URL.
  • - Added: New field to add a target to your portfolio item external URL.
  • - Fixed: Issue with the lightbox script.
  • - Deleted: Admin notice if OceanWP is not the theme used.
Version 1.0.7
  • - Fixed: Capabilities issue in the metabox.
Version 1.0.6
  • - Tweak: Remove Chocolat script.
Version 1.0.5
  • - Added: Both Sidebars layout in the customizer for the single items.
  • - Fixed: Issue with the social sharing buttons.
  • - Fixed: Issue with color fields.
Version 1.0.4
  • - Tweak: Schema markup.
  • - Added: French translation, thanks a lot to Jean of freepixel.net.
Version 1.0.3
  • - Fixed: The Shortcode metabox on the Shortcodes post type doesn\'t display on some hosts
Version 1.0.2
  • - Fixed: Sanitize value issue for some fields
Version 1.0.1
  • - Fixed: Error 500 on some host
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial Release