You’ve read a lot of video storytelling tips, and can’t wait to add new videos to your website? This is exactly what this article helps you to do. Read on to learn how to embed any video on your WordPress website.

How to embed any video

If you don’t want to read the whole thing, here are two ways you can embed any video on your website.

1 The shortcut

Some websites do not require you to do any work on embedding them. You don’t have to head on to the website, click anything, and handle the settings. All that you have to do is just to copy the link to the video you want, and paste it to a WordPress page. The thing is, some websites are whitelisted by WordPress. This allows the platform to embed videos from these websites automatically. If you copy a link to one of the most popular services, you are probably going to see it auto-embedded on your website. These whitelisted websites include Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. WordPress has a dozen of other, less prominent, websites whitelisted as well.

2 The code

Do you know a bit of HTML? If you do, brush up on your skills as you are going to have to implement them. Using code allows you to have the widest array of options possible. The basic code for embedding videos looks like this: However, you can add a lot of things to this base code. You can add things like the exact height and width to your embed, or block certain features of the video you don’t want to see on your page. Some of the features that were accessible before are obsolete since HTML5 came out. You can still use them with a CSS entry.

How to embed YouTube videos in WordPress

If the first option was too basic and the second too hard for you, it’s time to follow the middle ground. Embedding videos from platforms via copying the embed code directly from there is best for most webmasters. The thing is, you have a lot more options than an embed gives you, but it’s way easier than writing the code manually. Press the “Share” button while on YouTube, and go on to the “Embed” option. Here’s what you will see. From here, you have two major options – giving the users controls, and starting the video at a certain time. The options that are listed in the “allow” tag help your mobile users to rotate the video by rotating the device and using the picture-in-picture mode on Android.

How to embed Vimeo videos

Vimeo has a reputation of hosting videos other websites are too afraid to host because they’re so edgy. It has some great cinematography on as well. If you need to embed a Vimeo video, here’s how you do it. However, is no different to YouTube when it comes to embedding videos. Press the “Share” and go down to see the “Embed” option. Click on “Show options” to see what you can choose. Vimeo has a whole lot of options you can choose from. You can make the size of the player responsive or fixed, make the video loop to make for a great background or choose a color.

How to embed TikTok Video

TikTok has gained a lot of attention recently. It started with some lip synch videos, and now people post all sorts of entertaining videos there. Here’s how you go about embedding one of the videos on your own website. All you have to do is to press the “Get Embed Code” button. The problem is, however, you don’t have any options to choose from. After copying the code, you get a link for 340×700 player with autoplay. You can fix the settings on your WordPress page later.

How to embed Imgur videos

Imgur is the unofficial source of fun and meme-worthy videos on the web. It’s also a great hosting option for videos. Getting an embed link is very easy, just press the “Embed Post” button. However, your embed is going to have a peculiar look. The thing is, Imgur wants to create a similar style across the web and let people share their videos. This is why they make embeds look like this.

How to embed your own video

Do you have your own video you want to embed? It’s better to upload it to third-party website and stream it to your WordPress site. It makes your website faster since it doesn’t have to deal with tens or hundreds of megabytes of data that is your video. Here’s how you do it.

1 Edit & Convert

Some video formats are weird and won’t be accepted at some hostings. Some just weigh too much. What you can do is convert the video to either .mp4 or .webm. These two formats are accepted universally. Look at what this video editor allows you to pick in terms of formats. You will also be able to edit your video in Movavi video editor, so you’ll save yourself some time by using one software instead of many.

2 Upload your video

Once you’re done with Movavi, you have to upload your video. Choose a reliable platform that offers a lot of variability with embeds. Go for Vimeo or YouTube as they’re the fastest ones. You can also try to upload the video to one of the many .webm hostings if you want, but that has no advantages in embedded videos. You can try doing that for background videos, though.

How to embed video with a plugin

If you checked out our article about plugins that turn your website into an app, you know that there are a lot of plugins to use when it comes to WordPress. You can use a multitude of those for embedding videos. Try Easy Video Player for making embeds. It’s free to use and widens your options with how the videos are displayed to the maximum. If you’re not keen on having many options and just want to auto-embed videos from all over the web, try Advanced Responsive Video Embedder. It’s free as well.

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  1. Nancy Garrett

    Thank you for this great tutorial. I was able to embed YouTube video link on my blog post. Your article was so helpful. I didn’t know this was possible before now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. James

      That’s great, Nancy. Videos improve user experience and help them stay longer on your page which is good for your Google metrics. I’m glad I could help you with this.

  2. Ehsan

    Hello I don’t see any optipn for autoplay. How can we make that possible? I’d like to play my tiktok video play automatically…

    1. Alex de Borba

      Auto-play videos always depend of the service you use, some allow it to be embed with the option to auto-play the video on page load, others do not due to their policies. I would suggest you to reach your video provider and ask them if/how this can be done.

    2. James

      Hi Ehsan. I’m not sure Tik Tok allows you to embed videos with auto-play but you can try adding an auto=play attribute to the embed code. For example,

  3. Aamnda Rozin

    Hi, I have a question, I want to know can I post automatically like Instagram to my home page. when I post in tiktok automatically showing up in my website?

    Please help me.

    1. James

      Hi, you can try looking for a WordPress plugin to help you with this. I’m not sure you can do this with default settings

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