I’m proud to announce that OceanWP is now certified multilingual ready by WPML: https://wpml.org/theme/oceanwp/

WPML stands for WordPress Multilingual and it is a plugin that can make your website multilingual. They currently power over ½ million websites and are the industry standard in allowing you to translate themes, plugins, theme options, posts, pages, widgets, custom post types and everything else on WordPress. On top of that they have an amazing support forum.

Their plugin is very flexible with built functions. You can order custom translations from over 50 languages straight from the WordPress dashboard from ICanLocalize.

In order to run OceanWP on a multilingual website you will need to also purchase WPML by visiting https://wpml.org/purchase/.

Documentation on how to integrate WPML and OceanWP can be found at: https://docs.oceanwp.org/article/438-how-turning-oceanwp-multilingual-with-wpml.

Now you may be wondering why you should make your website multilingual. One of the most critical factors that need to know is, the online community prefers to search for content in their native language. If we look at internet users by language there are 565 million English, 509 million Chinese, 164 million Spanish, and around 55-99 million for Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and French internet users.

Does your website have the key-words they are searching for in their language? When we look at the statistics of online users versus websites built in their language we see a disproportionately lower amount of content produced for various speakers than what is needed. We see about 58% of websites are built in English with the other top languages at less than 5% each. That means, when people search in their native language, it will not bring up a website if it is not multilingual. That means less traffic to a website, and less conversion rates.


Therefore the use of a multilingual website is key. But in order to produce great multilingual websites, we also need great multilingual themes and plugins that meet the needs of prospective clients in this growing eCommerce and globalized market. This is why OceanWP is now proud to be certified multilingual ready by WPML.

Be sure to pick up the WPML CMS Package by visiting https://wpml.org/purchase/.

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  1. Sofia

    Thank you! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again to congratulate you! All the other themes were so hard and frustrating to work with. Now my creativity reigns. Thank you!

  2. Francesco

    It’s not 100% true.
    For example, OceanWP Gallery widget (and all widgets whom use images) doesn’t support WPML Media translator =)
    But, I’m sure Nicolas will solve this issue soon, as usual ^__^

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