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Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner up with Cloudways?

Over the years, we understood the need of our users for quality hosting, which for a decent pricing offers premium support and amazing hosting features without influencing the websites' performance. We found all of that in Cloudways. Taking everything into account, most importantly the feedback we received from our users, the choice was really easy 🙂

We partnered up with Cloudways to bring all OceanWP users superb WordPress experience.

How much does it cost?

Cloudways has very affordable plan pricing - starting from $12/month. However, that price also includes advanced server requirements, free SSL, free Object Cache pro, unlimited staging areas, and all other features most hosting providers charge independently.

In addition to it, with Cloudways you pay what you use - next month you pay what you used the previous month. This means that if one month you need stronger hosting, you can always upscale, then later come back to your old plan.

More over, you're also in the position to use any plan for as many days as you want, as you're not obligated to use one plan the entire month. You only pay what you use and save funds in the process.

Is premium OceanWP (Ocean Core Extensions Bundle) included in the hosting price?

No. You will need to purchase the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle independently.

Is Cloudways hosting included in the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle?

No. Both OceanWP and Cloudways are independent service providers, but we've partnered up to bring you the best WordPress experience yet 🙂

Cloudways services are handled and billed by the Cloudways company, and OceanWP services are handled and billed by OceanWP LLC.

Cancelling OceanWP services does not cancel Cloudways services automatically. And vice versa, cancelling Cloudways services does not cancel OceanWP services automatically.

What if I install a demo and want to change it later?

No worries. This remains a standard WordPress installation with OceanWP preinstalled.

You have complete control over your WordPress installation through your dashboard and can change the demo and time you want, install additional plugins, remove existing plugins, etc.

Check out our full guide on how to successfully switch to a different demo or learn basics if you haven't had a chance to work with WordPress templates in the past.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, you will get a 3-days trial period for hosting with Cloudways.

OceanWP doesn't offer a trial period, but we have a real 14-days no-questions-asked Refund Policy.

Can I use this option if I already host on Cloudways?

Yes, absolutely! Everyone can use the new option and install Ocean demos on Cloudways servers.

How does this work?

It doesn't get easier than this! Purchase the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle purchases.

Choose any Ocean WordPress website template you would like to get started with and lick the "Install this Demo now" button.

You will be redirected to Cloudways. Enter all necessary details.

Cloudways will install everything for you automatically - WordPress, OceanWP theme and all necessary plugins, as well as import the demo content for you.

In the end, just enter the Bundle license key you've received during the purchase and you're ready to start building your website.

Is it possible to use this option without the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to take this functionality to your advantage and start building your website without hassle is to first purchase the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle. 

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