Install WordPress in 10 minutes

Yes, it's possible! Rocket science not required.

You’ve been reading a lot about WordPress lately, checking out the pros and cons, figuring out whether it’s the right solution for you.

You’re smart enough to realize they’re trying to push you towards sites that will limit your creativity, options, features and – in the end – even control and own your content. That’s why you decided to go with WordPress.

Terrific move!

But there’s a small obstacle. You’re new to everything.

You prefer learning as you go because you believe learning the basics first is a waste of time. You love reading instruction manuals last, don’t you? We hear you.

Only… here’s the thing. How to learn as you go if you skip the basic steps? How to start immediately?

Well, what if we told you you can install not only WordPress, but a theme, plugins and sample content immediately and do your thing within 10 minutes?

Yes, it’s possible! You can install WordPress in 10 minutes. And yes, you can have not only WordPress, but a fully operational starter website you can practice on and learn as you go.

Seeing is believing. The only thing better than seeing is the experience.

And you can experience the magic and take a joy ride 3 days for free. Buckle up, OceanWP and Cloudways are about to take you on a new adventure.

Check out the video for a preview and schedule your WordPress tour with OceanWP and Cloudways.

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Install WordPress in 10 minutes: Complete Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps

01 Visit the OceanWP WordPress Templates Library

Navigate to the OceanWP WordPress templates library. This is where we have all our full website templates displayed.

02 Choose your WordPress website template

Choose any website template you wish to start your website with. It’s easy, all you need to do is click on a specific template to preview it in full.

03 Click the "Install this Demo now" button

Once you’ve chosen the WordPress website template you wish to start with, click the “Install this Demo now” button in the bottom left corner.

04 Click the "Launch OceanWP now" button

The previous step will take you to the Cloudways and OceanWP partnership page where all the magic starts to unravel. Click the “Launch OceanWP now” button and fill in the details.

05 Register an account on Cloudways

Fill in the details to register for an account with Cloudways.

Don’t forget to use the OceanWP20 promo code for 20% OFF on first 3 months or you can start your 3-days free trial.

Agree to the Terms and start.

If you already have an account with Cloudways, you just need to use the correct link to login.

06 Deploy Managed Application

When you log in, you’ll be prompt to deploy your managed application – configure the server environment for your OceanWP WordPress template.

Important: Make sure the first selection for the OceanWP Demo remains as is: OceanWP Demo.

You can name other 3 options any way you like: Name Managed App, Name Managed Server and Project.

When you fill in these details, you’ll unlock additional settings.

We recommend you leave the Server selection (Digital Ocean) and Server Size (RAM 2GB) as is. Remember, with Cloudways you can always scale up server setup based on your monthly needs.

Select the server location nearest to your targeted audience. Example, if you plan to sell products or run or promote services in the UK, select a server location in the UK or near UK, which would be London.

07 Wait for the server to set up

Selecting the server location is the final step, and afterwards your Cloudways will start installing your WordPress server, the OceanWP theme and all plugins required to run a specific WordPress template (demo) you’ve chosen.

The entire process lasts approx 7 minutes.

08 Access WordPress installation info

When the timer goes away, your WordPress installation is already setup. Now you just need to access it.

Click on the “www” part and from the dropdown menu select the project. The project name is the same one you assigned in Step 06.

You’ll be prompted to the next page that contains all relevant information.

1. Application URL

Your OceanWP WordPress website has been given a temporary domain.

2. Admin Panel (most important for you)

2.1 Admin login URL

2.2 Admin login username

2.3 Admin login password

This is the most important part. Store the info and you’ll be able to log into your website at all times without logging into your Cloudways account each time.

3. MySQL Access (do not touch)

For you there is no need to access the database directly or perform any changes to it.

Important: Do not share your login information with anyone, except tech support in case of assistance or website developers you trust.

09 Access your WordPress website

In the Admin Panel section, click on the icon after your URL to access the admin login page of your website.

Enter the Username and Password contained in the Admin Panel area (just click to copy info, then paste).

And, you’re in! Now to the final step.

10 Start working on your website - Happy Editing!

Once you log in, you’ll notice Cloudways has setup everything for you:

1. WordPress latest version installed

2. OceanWP theme installed and active

3. Ocean plugins required for a specific WordPress template installed and active

4. Additional plugins depending on Cloudways services, like Breeze caching plugin, installed and active.

Now you need to click on just one of the links that says “Complete ‘Ocean Plugin Name’ Activation Now” and enter the license key you received when you purchased the Bundle. This will activate all Ocean pro extensions you currently have installed on your website.

That’s it! Happy website editing!

Now you can edit the pages of the WordPress template that has been imported for you, customize theme and other settings through the Customizer and more. Check out some of our videos on how to do specific things with OceanWP or experiment on your own. The world is your oyster.

Because, now you know there is an easy way to install WordPress in just 10 minutes and 10 steps with OceanWP and Cloudways.