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OceanWP is an extremely versatile theme with excellent support systems in place.

Any user, beginner to pro, will have the tools to build and plenty of ways to get help as needed. I am a relative beginner at WordPress site-building and wasn’t looking for a ‘free’ option (though OceanWP has one). I wanted all the bells and whistles of a versatile theme along with reliable support so I can focus on learning while making my new endeavors in the www space successful.

In my opinion, this versatile theme + support is the best.

wiredlifemjh (@wiredlifemjh)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review

What's new in OceanWP

Boost sales with stunning new eCommerce features!

Increase conversion, boost sales and ROI with the brand new features for WooCommerce: Advanced Coupon Manager, Product Badges Manager and more.

The OceanWP Metabox Settings Makeover is here!

Famous OceanWP Metabox Settings have received a huge makeover and are looking fabulous than ever before. Plus, we made them even faster, better & user-friendly.

Hello Elementor or OceanWP & Elementor?

View the comparison and see how you can harvest the full potential by combining OceanWP’s features & stability with Elementor’s page builder capabilities.

Modernized full website templates are coming!

We are redesigning OceanWP full website templates to ensure your designs are the latest state of the art. And, we’re adding royalty-free images too!

providing you with ultimate WordPress solutions since 2016

WordPress brand you can trust

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, major WordPress developers, major hosting providers and online magazines and WordPress resource websites who wrote about OceanWP.

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Experience WordPress full site editing the OceanWP way

Get started with OceanWP today

Say goodbye to half-baked features & incomplete options.
Our free WordPress theme and plugins are fully-equipped and packed with customization options that allow you to control, style and optimize every aspect of your website from top to bottom. Experience WordPress full site editing the OceanWP way.

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Ensuring your websites are built upon strong and reliable foundations

What makes OceanWP special

It takes more than a beautiful design for a website to remain strong and be able to responds to the latest web and technology challenges at all times. It's our job to take care about everything that goes on behind the scenes so you don't have to.

Complete & flexible

OceanWP is the chameleon among WordPress themes. Complete and flexible functionalities empower you to build websites of any kind.


OceanWP employs the best SEO practices and user settings enabling you to get the perfect score at all times. Basic Schema markup included.

Full user control

OceanWP users have full control over all features they want to use on their websites, making your workspace clean, usable and bloat-free.

Fully customizable

With OceanWP you can customize your website on a global and individual page level. Complete controls to maximize the potential.


60% of what makes a website accessibility-friendly is code-related. We are regularly updating our code according to the latest WAI ARIA guides.


OceanWP is well-documented, providing detailed guides at all times which in return helps you get the answers you need fast and hassle-free.

Fully responsive

OceanWP's inbuilt and customizable options will ensure your website looks and functions amazingly across all devices.

Code quality

Code quality ensures all the options you use work seamlessly and great together, ensuring smooth user experience and fast websites.


We offer support to all our users, at all times, per our Support Policy. Extra support services available for premium clients.

Translation & RTL

OceanWP is completely translation and RTL-ready, ensuring the best user experience for you and your website visitors.


Adding new features is easy. Maintaining and improving software is the challenge. We are constantly making our products better for you.


For us, you're more than a user or a client. We are always interacting with all members to ensure our products and services meet your needs.

Time to fall in love with your website

WordPress community loves OceanWP

Because your happiness and satisfaction matter to us.


I have tried countless themes especially the highly promoted ones. This one is the best free one ever.

Its customization capabilities are incredible and the learning curve for using the theme is so friendly.

I have no online business so do not have the paid version. However, I will get the paid version for business or not. As I say, it is truly the best theme.

nanega (@nanega)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review


OceanWP Theme on WordPress.org is absolutely phenomenal! The design is clean and modern, offering flexibility and customization at every step. This theme has taken my first website to the next level.

Highly recommended to anyone looking for a professional and high-quality WordPress theme.

marmea65 (@marmea65)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review


OceanWP is a fantastic WordPress theme that offers flexibility, performance, and ease of use.

If you’re looking for a theme that can help you create a stunning and functional website with minimal effort, then OceanWP is definitely worth considering.

makiwadesign (@makiwadesign)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review


Always knew there was something special out there on the Great Big Ocean. It’s called OceanWP !!!!!!!

Well done everyone! Excellent Theme!

Looking forward to the future with OceanWP! Keep up the good work!

hamzaajab (@hamzaajab)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review


Easy to use and does what it says on the tin!

Matt (@carboncleaninguk)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review


OceanWP theme is top of the best themes have ever used. Flexible features, great contents, easy to use and user friendly, good job OceanWP team.

XoldierBwoy (@palpastis)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review


Endless possibilities in an innovative UX. I’ve used it on two sites so far and feel I don’t need to look for anything else for my next WordPress gig.

kollalfa (@kollalfa)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review

1,000,000+ websites running OceanWP

More is more

Hundreds of thousands WordPress users already know that we always keep meeting and exceeding their expectations since 2016.

Join the OceanWP community and get more styles, more functionality, more options, more features and most importantly, more support.

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Get access to millions of photos, illustrations and icons.

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Ready-made designs to kickstart your website

Full website templates

Don't struggle.
OceanWP Pro Bundle offers fully editable and customizable full website templates for Elementor & Gutenberg, and a section templates library for Elementor.

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1-click installation

Import your desired full website template with a single-click option.

Full site templates

Choose between 240+ templates for Elementor and Gutenberg.

Section templates library

Build Elementor pages step by step with our editable section templates.

Brand new OceanWP Pro Bundle features for everyone

Connect all WordPress dots with OceanWP premium

Popup Builder

Generate more leads with the Popup Builder. Build custom popups with Elementor or Gutenberg, or simply edit native popup templates.

Custom Post Types

Add versatility to your website content. Go above and beyond standard blog posts with Custom Post Types magic and its customized configuration.

Pixel Tracker

Turn your website into a data gathering mastermind. See how visitors interact with your website to increase social media ad targeting.

New Full Site Templates

Jump start your creative process with brand new full website templates for Elementor. Completely editable and customizable.

You can have it all

Unbeatable WordPress customization & styling options

Achieve more with less tools. Achieve more in less time.

The one and only

Truly free WordPress theme with pro features for everyone


With this theme I created everything that I wanted and learned to use it very fast because they made it very straightforward.

I highly recommend this theme. Cheers!

pitajme (@pitajme)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review

Compatible with everything you care about

Always a team player

Thanks to OceanWP compatibility and dedicated integrations, you can build even the most demanding websites of any kind.

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OceanWP best theme for Elementor features display

the theme that popularized Elementor

Best theme for Elementor

Combine OceanWP's stability and vast customization & styling options with Elementor's page builder capabilities for a maximum design impact.

Custom sections

Build and apply custom headers, footers and sections. Simple implementation on global site and individual pages level.

Custom pages layout

Control the layout of all pages, enable theme elements per need with a few simple clicks, and get the design right every time.

Elementor library

Speed up the building process with OceanWP Pro Bundle & a library of fully editable and customizable section templates.


Apply local Google fonts or Adobe TypeKit integration to your Elementor designs seamlessly and for free.

Elementor widgets

Spice up your content with OceanWP Pro Bundle & a full stack of dedicated widgets and features for Elementor.

Full site templates

200+ Elementor full website templates available with OceanWP Pro Bundle. Editable & customizable in full.

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Build an online store to admire

The best theme for WooCommerce

OceanWP comes with a seamless WooCommerce integration, with an abundance of out of the box features, customization and style options that enable every person to build a fully functional eCommerce website and start selling immediately.


WooCommerce templates

Over 100 full website templates available for stores of any type with the OceanWP Pro Bundle.


Shop & product
archive styles

Out of the box styles. Each style comes in a grid layout with an optional list style.


Shop & archive loop
builder elements

Design and customize the shop pages your way, directly through the Customizer.


Single product loop
builder elements

Design and style the perfect single product page with arrangeable elements.

Sticky Add to Cart

Add a sticky Add to Cart feature to your single product pages with the Floating Bar to increase conversion.

Off Canvas Filter

Keep your shop pages clean with the Off Canvas Filter - a sidebar that is always a click away.


Mini Cart

With OceanWP you can display the cart directly in the menu and select your perfect Mini Cart style.

Product Quick View

Help customers reach a decision fast by displaying product short description with the OceanWP Quick View.

Get even more out of WooCommerce

Build custom eCommerce

Build custom online stores with WooCommerce and OceanWP with the Ocean eComm Treasure Box premium addon for WooCommerce.

Choose your Ocean eCommerce Pro plan and get access to a box loaded with treasures that enable you to turn your shop into a money-making machine.

OceanWP eCommerce Pro features for WooCommerce for custom eCommerce sites display

Add an extra kick with free Ocean extensions

Enhance your website

Free OceanWP extensions for WordPress bring extra functionality for everyone.

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OceanWP Pro Bundle features display

Do more with the OceanWP Pro Bundle

Amplify your excellence

OceanWP Pro Bundle extensions complement your website with powerful new features, helping you achieve perfection.


OceanWP is an exceptional theme, I’ve used it for several sites and it pairs seamlessly with Elementor to build websites that are as capable as they are beautiful.

The customization and widget options are second to none. I’m self taught when it comes to WordPress and building sites and have been able to create options with gorgeous store fronts, online scheduling, and class booking platform integrations with ease.

Stop searching through themes OceanWP is the only one you need!

insightfulequine (@insightfulequine)

OceanWP user / WordPress.org review

Get the best out of WordPress

Build your website on a strong foundation

100% risk-free

Use any OceanWP pro products worry-free. We have a 14-days No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy in place for all new purchases. We 100% adhere to it.

Continuous support

We provide continuous support for all OceanWP users, free and pro. Use our products carefree, knowing you can always count on us.

Continuous updates

We are working on improvements around the clock, to ensure your websites are always able to meet the latest demands.

Keeping it real

Your trust matters to us. No fake tests, no false claims, no games. Our users & clients' experience and feedback throughout the years speak volumes.